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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Visit Arganil

The Municipality of Arganil, the district of Coimbra. It is bordered on the north by Plank and Oliveira do Hospital, on the west by Penacova and Vila Nova de Poiares, the south by Gois and Pampilhosa da Serra, and this for Covilhã and SEIA, the district of Guarda, and is still bounded by the East River cial and north by the River Alva. It has an area of 332.9 km2, which is divided into 18 parishes: Anseriz, Arganil, Barrel of Alva, Benfeita, Celavisa, tree stumps, Cerdeira, Coja, Folque, Moura da Serra, Piódão, Orchards, Pombeiro da Beira, S. Martin Cork, Sarzedo, Secarias, Teixeira and Vila Cova do Alva.


The climate of Arganil County has a generally similar temperatures to those recorded in the center of the country. Average annual temperatures range between 15 º -16 º C, with hot summers (20-22 ° C) and mild winters (9-11 ° C). Represent the characteristics of a continental climate, with sharp features Mediterranean, the rains are more frequent and abundant in late autumn, winter and early spring.


The flora of the Municipality of Arganil initially consisted of traditional hardwood species such as oak, chestnut, strawberry trees, especially softwood species like pine, but in recent decades these species have been replaced by exotic species, of which Eucalyptus is the most significant example, but to highlight the existing vegetation coverage in the Protected Area of Serra do Goshawk (APSA), which contains two well defined zones, the Forest Margaraça and Fraga da Pena, where there is a cascading waterfall whose is about 70 meters tall.

The Fauna
The fauna, in regard to mammals is to highlight the presence of the boar, genets and mongoose, for the birds, we found the hawk, owl of the woods, eagle, eagle wing round, black crow, wood pigeon, turtle dove and bullfinch , are also some species of herpetofauna, would stress is that the salamander and lizard tail compressed water.


From the economic point of view, its origins are primarily agricultural, despite the difficulties of making a profitable agriculture, given the conditions of the hilly terrain.
With improved accessibility, have seen the establishment of some industries in industrial areas, particularly in the Industrial Pole of Relvinha, where there is a growing supply of industrial infrastructure.

Brief History of County
The numerous historical references to the Municipality of Arganil and archaeological remains dating back to one of the earliest stages of human history, the Chalcolithic - Necropolis of windmills - and the Roman Period - Roman Military Camp of the Lomba Cano. The adjacent hill once housed a village Lusitanian who later "gave" rise to well-armed Roman garrisons. Established the camp in the castro, strategic and impregnable place, the army remained stationed there about one hundred years, possibly at the crossroads of centuries I before and after Christ.
Was granted a charter to Arganil in 1114, early in the twelfth century, by granting the Bishop of Coimbra. Passed again in 1394 for possession of Bishops Coimbra.D. Manuel I, on June 8, 1514 granted a new charter or 'new card' to the town of Arganil, which today is stored in City Hall, although without the title page.
In 1809 the village was marked by the French invasion, the troops having been stationed in Wellington at the Chapel of Mercy, which became their refuge and ammunition depot.
In February and March 1811, the French Massena left a trail of death and pillage in Arganil, the point of being considered one of that in Portugal suffered most from the invasion that "bloody Corsican (Napoleon) vomited on the Peninsula Hispanic. "
In the 30s, 40s and 50s of this century, is born the Regionalist movement, especially in the capital, led by those who had left here in search of better living conditions. This is a spontaneous movement in order to raise funds to carry out works and improvements in the villages that saw the birth and that the Government did not run. Were roads, water supplies, etc.. that this movement has financed, in most cases, in its entirety. All this movement (Committees, Unions, Leagues of Improvements) grew around the House County Arganil, still in fervent activity.

What to Visit
In County
Rio Alva
Açor Mountain

In the Town of Anceriz
Chapel of Our Lady at the Foot of the Cross
Chapel of Saint Anthony
Chapel of St. Peter

In the Town of Arganil
St. Peter's Church of Arganil
Church of Mercy of Arganil or Santa Isabel
Chapel of Our Lord's Agony
Pillory Arganil
Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Ladeira
Church of Nossa Senhora do Monte Alto
Parish Church
Theatre Alves Coelho

In the Town of Barril do Alva
Fluvial Beach of Urtigal
River Beach barrel Alva

In the Town of Benfeita
Chapel of St. Rita
Capela do Senhor dos Passos
Monument to Lady of the Way
Jardim Gonçalves Leonardo Mathias
Monument Dr. José Simões Dias
Alminhas Bridge Fundeira
Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Guia
Chapel of Our Lady of needs
Chapel of St. Bartholomew
Chapel of St. Simon
Chapel of Our Lady of the Assumption
Cascade Fraga da Pena
Fountain of slums
Source of flies
Church of slums
Church of Santa Cecilia
Forest of Margaraça
Fraga Bridge Pen
River Beach
Peace tower

In the Town of Celavisa
Chapel of Our Lady of Good Voyage
Chapel of Saint Anthony
Picnic Park

In the Town of blocks
Park monk
Well of Cespa
Fluvial Beach of Pejadouro

In the Town of Cerdeira
Capela de Santo Amaro
Chapel of Our Lady of Good Voyage
Source Santo Amaro

In the Town of Côja
Chapel of St. Anthony
Chapel of the Lord's Sepulchre
Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Ribeira
River Beach Mills Alva
Roman Bridge
River Beach Côja

In the Town of Folque
Chapel of St. Peter
Monastery Folque

In the Town of Moura da Serra
Souls of Valado
Chapel Sorgaçosa
Chapel of the ditch
Fountain of ditch
Source casarias
Source of the top
Pool Sorgaçosa
Tank Community Casarias
Tank Community Valado

In the Town of Piódão
Typical village Piódão
Typical village of Chãs Mares
Church Piódão
Chapel of St. Sundays
Cascade Ports Up
Church of St. John the Baptist
Water Mill Quinta dos Coicis
Museum Piódão
Ponte da Foz de Mares
River Beach in Cha Mares
River Beach Piódão

In the Town of Orchard
Fountain of Orchards
Foz da Fonte da Moura
Ponte da Foz da Moura
Bridge Orchards
River Beach Orchards
Clock tower

In the Town of Pombeiro da Beira
Chapel of the Holy Clover
Chapel of Our Lady of Loureiro
Dam of Pillowcases
Chapel of the Holy Queen

In the Town of S. Martin Cork
Chapel of St. Peter
Dam of Pillowcases
Capela de Santo Amaro
Bridge Mucela

In the Town of Sarzedo
Fountain Square of the village square
River Beach Boat Valeiro

In the Town of Secarias
Chapel of St. Michael
River Beach of Cascalheira
River Beach Peneda Talhada

In the Town of Teixeira
Bridge Cartomilo
Chapel of Our Lady of Good Voyage

In the Town of Vila Cova do Alva
Church of Mercy
Convento de Santo Antonio do Alva

Corn Bread from Arganil
Fresh Cheese Sierra Açor
Sheep cheese from the Serra do Goshawk
Goat Cheese Sierra Açor
Cottage cheese

Soup nuts
Unto broth
Caldo Verde
Chicken Broth with Mountainous
Soup to Nuts
Soup Stew
Bean soup
Soup Black-eyed Peas
Green Bean Soup
Wild radish soup
Soup turnip and Grand
Soup Serrana

Fish Dishes
Rice Sardines à Moda da Serra
Baked Cod with potatoes
Cod Oil
Bacalhau à Moda Christmas Sierra
Codfish S. Martin
Cod Ball
Sardine Ball
Fish River
Raw Cod Salad
Escabeche of Sardines
Trout with Rice Sprouts
Trout of the clumps to Fashion
Sierra Trout to Fashion

Meat Dishes
Rice Cabidela
Rice Pombo Bravo Manor
Beef Ball Convent Folque
Meat ball
Lamb Stuffed with blocks of Fashion
Stuffed belly to Fashion Folque
Stuffed belly to Fashion Vila Cova de Alva
Stuffed with Goat Fashion Barril de Alva
Cabrito the Serrana
Carolos with Fried Bacon
Coelho Bravo to Fashion Arganil
Stew Fashion Arganil
Chicken Fashion S. Martin
Hen the Florida Serrana

Where to Stay
In the Town of Arganil
Hotel Arganil ***
Residential Canary ****
Municipal Park Camping Arganil
Improvements Commission for Monte Redondo

In the Town of Côja
Pension Flower Alva
Residential Victocális
Côja Camping (Camping and Mountaineering Federation of Portugal)

In the parish of Piódão
Estalagem do Piódão - INATEL
House Bakery
House of Algar
Union Progressive Chãs D 'Mare
Holiday Village - Improvements Committee Piódão
House of Malhadinhas

In the Town of Secarias
Casa do Rio

In the Town of orchards
Camping Bica (Parish of Orchards)
House of Glory
Casa de Campo

In the Town of Moura da Serra
Improvements Commission for Moura da Serra

In the Town of Benfeita
Improvements Commission for slums

Where to Eat
In the Town of Arganil
My Restaurant
The Grid
Piri-Piri Grill (Take Away)
Pizzeria Argus
The Custard
Mont'Alto Restaurant Bar
Marujinho Beiras
Regional Tavern

In the Town of Sarzedo
The Mill
Aroma Park

In the Town of Secarias
The Umbrella of Alva

St. Martin Parish in Cork
Beira Alva
The Corner

In the Town of Côja
D. Ramiro II
Lagar do Alva
Prensa da Ribeira
Balconies of Alva

In the Town of Barril do Alva
Manjar Barril de Alva

In the Town of Piódão
The Fontinha
Piódão XXI

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