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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Visit the Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Monte Alto - Arganil

The Chapel of Our Lady of Mount Alto, located in the parish of Arganil, is framed in the majestic mountain with the same name.
It was built by Francisco Pires, son of Domingos Pires and his brother John in Coimbra in 1521. In the eighteenth century the building was renovated by assuming that the current building is 1796.
It has a simple facade, door and rectangular framed in pilasters, having turned the balcony of the choir, which finishes in a pediment, on pilaster quoins, gable eaves and sub-freestone.
The main altarpiece and the side of ornate shell, following the regional brand to time.
In the Steps of access to the temple there is a tiled panel.
In this chapel is celebrated each year on August 15 (Day of Our Lady of Conception) which is traditionally a celebration of Arganilenses.

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