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Friday, September 24, 2010

Visit Serra's Goshawk - Arganil

The Açor Mountain, located in the municipality of Arganil, constitutes together with the Star and Lousã, all the mountain chains that, practically, Portugal is divided in half. It is part of the ridge that crosses the Iberian plateau. It is protected landscape since 1982 (373 hectares) and was a rare enclave of natural vegetation and slope shales. Partly covered by pine forests, mountain, which lies within the municipality of Arganil, hiding details of rare beauty.
Represents a set of high landscape value, mainly due to two relics of the Forest and Maragaça Fraga da Pena. Scattered in the mountains are many villages lost in time, often located in remote and difficult access.
Mata Margaraça is an example of such natural beauty and is one of the rare specimens of natural vegetation on steep schist from the center of the country. Species like chestnut, CARVALHEIRO, and some laurel cherry laurel and pastries, make up the flora of this protected landscape area. Among the fauna may highlight-Striped salamander and lizard-of-water. The steep valleys that hide water lines that run down towards the Ceira and Alva, are prone to falls. Accordingly, we highlight the great waterfall of Fraga da Penha.

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