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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Visit Barrinha Lagoon of Mira - Praia de Mira

The Lagoon Barrinha Mira is a Portuguese coastal lagoon, located in Praia da Mira, which lies about 250 meters away from the Atlantic Ocean. Despite the proximity to the sea, the Lagoon Barrinha Mira is a freshwater lake, fed continuously by a small stream!
The lake has a rounded configuration and is framed by trees and sand dunes.
This coastal lagoon is the result of a slow process of accumulation and ancient natural formation of sand banks, which led to its separation from the sea, followed by another natural process of slow and continuous siltation. Over the past 200 years, there has been an intense ongoing process of landfill and land reclamation by man to obtain land for housing or agriculture, which has only stopped for about 10-20 years ago and decreased significantly the area occupied by Barrinha Mira.

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