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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Visit the Church of New Quintãs - Oliveirinha (Aveiro)

Visit the Church of Côte Valado - Oliveirinha (Aveiro)

Visit the Church of Oliveirinha (Aveiro)

Visit the Fountain of Senhora da Guia - Oliveirinha (Aveiro)

The Fountain of Senhora da Guia, located in the Town of Oliveirinha (Aveiro), from the chapel of the same name is a source to which thousands of people, the region and the city, will at present fetching water for their quality.

Visit the Statue of Father Antonio Valente Anthony - Oliveirinha (Aveiro)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Visit the Theatre Aveiro - Glory (Aveiro)

Visit the Cathedral of Aveiro - Glory (Aveiro)

The Cathedral of Aveiro, located in the Town of Glory (Aveiro), is a church of the former Dominican convent founded in 1423 and of which only left a carved stone wall where a Virgin anicha Gothic. Its Baroque portico dates from 1719. In the porch inside is Cruise S. Sundays, from the late fifteenth century, carved in flaming Gothic style. It presents various styles of art as the side chapels Mannerism, Baroque in choir and Modernism in the transept and the chancel.
It is classified as a Public Interest.

Visit Bridge Park Don Pedro Infante - Glory (Aveiro)

Visit Bridge Crasto - Glory (Aveiro)

Visit the Parque Dom Pedro Infante - Glory (Aveiro)

Infante Dom Pedro Park, located in the Town of Glory (Aveiro), started functioning from 1862 from the area that belonged to the Convent of St. Anthony.
Through the use of the river crossing created a series of lakes and fountains punctuate the surrounding green area. Focus on the avenue of lime trees, the gazebo iron, tiles and panels at the corners of romantic bridges and trees.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Visit the Panel Tiles - Glory (Aveiro)

Visit the Museum of Santa Joana Princesa - Glory (Aveiro)

The Museum of Santa Joana Princesa, located in the Town of Glory (Aveiro), occupies the premises of the Convent of Jesus, which was built in the century. XV.
The facade of the current century date. Eighteenth and enroll her three portals with beautiful gables, seeing the royal coat of arms in the middle. The building retains some living spaces that served the convent: the lobby, where the ordinance worked, the cloister of the century. XV, which retains a Renaissance colonnade, some chapels decorated with azulejos and Manueline the chapter house.
The Museum was founded in 1911 to house works of art gathered in homes and religious communities in the region and across the country, including Lisbon, dissolved or ended with the extinction of religious orders, including those originating in the convent of Jesus.
It has remarkable collections of paintings, sculpture, carvings, tiles, jewelery, furniture and vestments.
Collections of painting deserves a portrait of the Infanta's Saint Joan, attributed to Nuno Gonçalves School.
Magnificent altar frontals gold embroidery, very valuable collections of vestments and jewelery, rare manuscripts of secs. XV and XVI (including the foundation of the convent and life of Saint Joan), the Museum of Aveiro make a mandatory stop.

Visit the Lake Park Prince Peter - Glory (Aveiro)

Visit the Lake University of Aveiro - Glory (Aveiro)

Visit the Church of the Carmelites - Glory (Aveiro)

 The Church of the Carmelites, located in the Town of Glory (Aveiro) belonged to the former convent of Discalced Carmelites, founded in 1657. It is an austere temple of traces, the Mannerist architectural structure, having a nave and transept with projecting rectangular chancel. The program runs from the interior decorative Rococo to Mannerism, especially filling in gilt.
This church is classified as a National Monument.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Visit the Church of the Misericordia of Aveiro - Glory (Aveiro)

The Church of the Misericordia of Aveiro, located in the Town of Glory (Aveiro), is a building connected to the Renaissance Coimbra, served as the cathedral at the inception of the Diocese of Aveiro. Its construction began in 1600, was authored by Gregory Lawrence. In 1608 it was found the house of the Order, in 1623 the church body and the main door and, in 1653, the chapel. In the seventeenth century stood the altar and the lining was made with tiles lisbonenses. In the eighteenth century proceeded to the gilding of the chancel and application of gilded pelmets in the nave. In 1767 the organ was performed and only a century later, in 1876, the facade is coated with ceramic tiles.
This church is classified as a Public Interest.

Visit the Fountain of Glory - Glory (Aveiro)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Visit the Fountain of Five Bicas - Glory (Aveiro)

The Power of Five Bicas, located in the Town of Glory (Aveiro) and dated 1880, was built in Ançã stone, and has, at the top, an eagle is the symbol of the city.

Visit the Estero de São Pedro - Glory (Aveiro)

Visit the Statue of Joseph Stephen - Glory (Aveiro)

The Statue of Stephen Joseph, a magistrate and parliamentary Portuguese, located in the Town of Glory (Aveiro), was modeled in 1886 by master Simões de Almeida, was inaugurated in 1889.

Visit the Stadium Sea - Glory (Aveiro)

Visit the Stadium at the University of Aveiro - Glory (Aveiro)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Visit the Building Ceramics Factory Jerome Pereira Campos - Glory (Aveiro)

The Ceramics Factory Jerome Pereira Campos, was founded in 1896, and was located in the Town of Glory (Aveiro). Today the building serves as the Plant Culture and Congress Centre of Aveiro.

Visit the Building of the Municipality of Aveiro - Gloria (Aveiro)

The building of the Municipality of Aveiro, located in the Town of Glory, was built in 1797.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Visit the Cross of St. Dominic - Glory (Aveiro)

The cruise of Santo Domingo, located in the Town of Glory (Aveiro), dates from the late fifteenth century. The original was taken into the Cathedral of Aveiro in the late 70th century. This is a cross fifteenth with scenes of the Passion and Death of Christ carved in low relief.

Visit the Bandstand Municipal de Aveiro - Glory (Aveiro)

The Bandstand city of Aveiro, located in the Town of Glory, is a construction in iron, dating from the early twentieth century.

Visit the Canal Cojo - Glory (Aveiro)

The Channel of the OCOG, located in the Town of Glory (Aveiro), was once designated by the Ribeira Azenhas, given the high number of those devices that were concentrated along its margins. It was an important place for mooring boats.

Visit the Pillory Esgueira (Aveiro)

The Pillory Esgueira is located near the old Town Hall of Esgueira, in the parish of Esgueira. It is datable to the early twentieth century XVIII.Sobre a pedestal, stands the trunk, torso, without any decoration. It is surmounted by a Corinthian capital, a single order of acanthus, on which rises the entablature and a parallelepiped body. Parallelepiped is the body which are carved the symbols of the country and Esgueira: national coat of arms, barque, three crossed arrows, armillary sphere dominated the cross of Christ. Of particular reference to the barque, to represent the dominant maritime activity in the region. Finally, note also the presence of iron galheiros, ending in flower and rings between them.
The Pelourinho is classified as property of public interest.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Visit the Park Picnic in the Pateira Taboeira - Esgueira (Aveiro)

The Picnic Park for the Pateira Taboeira is a large green space, very nice, with a picnic area with tables, benches and barbecues located in the Town of Esgueira (Aveiro).

Visit the Church of St. Andrew - Esgueira (Aveiro)

Visit the Fountain of the Eye Water - Esgueira (Aveiro)

Visit the Park Azurva - Axis

Visit the Aveiro Municipal Stadium - Esgueira (Aveiro)

The Aveiro Municipal Stadium, opened in November 2003 with the friendly game between the teams of Portugal and Greece. It was designed by architect Tomás Taveira. It is located in the Town of Esgueira (Aveiro). The stadium is owned by the EMA, EM, municipal company owned 100% by the city of Aveiro and is used by the Sport Clube Beira Mar.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Visit the Ferry Park - Axis

The Park is located near the Ferry River Ferry in the Parish of the Axis.

Visit the Church of St. Isidore - Axis

The Church of St. Isidore, is located in the Parish of the Axis.

Visit the Church of Azurva - Axis

The Church of Azurva, is located in the Parish of the Axis.

Visit the Roman Oven Axis

Visit the Field of Sports Eixense - Axis

The Field Eixense Sports Group, is located in the Parish of the Axis. This club was founded on August 12, 1976.