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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Visit the Church of the Misericordia of Aveiro - Glory (Aveiro)

The Church of the Misericordia of Aveiro, located in the Town of Glory (Aveiro), is a building connected to the Renaissance Coimbra, served as the cathedral at the inception of the Diocese of Aveiro. Its construction began in 1600, was authored by Gregory Lawrence. In 1608 it was found the house of the Order, in 1623 the church body and the main door and, in 1653, the chapel. In the seventeenth century stood the altar and the lining was made with tiles lisbonenses. In the eighteenth century proceeded to the gilding of the chancel and application of gilded pelmets in the nave. In 1767 the organ was performed and only a century later, in 1876, the facade is coated with ceramic tiles.
This church is classified as a Public Interest.

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