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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Visit the Museum of Santa Joana Princesa - Glory (Aveiro)

The Museum of Santa Joana Princesa, located in the Town of Glory (Aveiro), occupies the premises of the Convent of Jesus, which was built in the century. XV.
The facade of the current century date. Eighteenth and enroll her three portals with beautiful gables, seeing the royal coat of arms in the middle. The building retains some living spaces that served the convent: the lobby, where the ordinance worked, the cloister of the century. XV, which retains a Renaissance colonnade, some chapels decorated with azulejos and Manueline the chapter house.
The Museum was founded in 1911 to house works of art gathered in homes and religious communities in the region and across the country, including Lisbon, dissolved or ended with the extinction of religious orders, including those originating in the convent of Jesus.
It has remarkable collections of paintings, sculpture, carvings, tiles, jewelery, furniture and vestments.
Collections of painting deserves a portrait of the Infanta's Saint Joan, attributed to Nuno Gonçalves School.
Magnificent altar frontals gold embroidery, very valuable collections of vestments and jewelery, rare manuscripts of secs. XV and XVI (including the foundation of the convent and life of Saint Joan), the Museum of Aveiro make a mandatory stop.

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