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Friday, December 31, 2010

Visit Pelourinho Algodres

Algodres Pelourinho was built in the sixteenth century and consists of five steps octagonal, of which the stem emerges, coilna elegant granite, five or six feet high topped cage.
It is classified as a Building of Public Interest

Visit the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore - Algodres

The Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, located in the Town of Algodres is a temple built in the twelfth century Romanesque architecture, Mannerist and Baroque.
This is a church that has a longitudinal plan consists of nave and chancel, although narrower, with coverage inside differentiated false vaults wooden cradle, based on the cornice, with sacristy adjoining the right front side, staggered volumes . The ship's interior is dimly lit windows of two arch profile eighteenth century, appearing in the chapel, two slits in confronting capialço, seventeenth-century building. Main facade gable with bell in three ventanas to truncate the right side being torn apart by slightly pointed arched portal, based on columns, the only vestige of the primitive Romanesque building. Interior choir with wooden pulpit and square with side access via stairs on the side of the Gospel. Perfect triumphant arch, flanked by side altars and gilded polychrome Mannerist structure, following the architectural models by Giacomo Vignola, three axles and the top table. The main chapel has a carved and gilded altar of national style, straight from the plant, three axes, wide rostrum.
Church ranked as a Public Interest.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Visit the Church of Mercy - Algodres

The Church of Mercy, located in the Town of Algodres, was founded in 1621.
Presents a Baroque architecture and has, in the rear of the chapel, a terrace, which is a charming gazebo.
The plant is composed of longitudinal nave and chancel, slightly narrower, with different toppings on false vaults shot cradle, wood, lit by windows on the facade ripped straight and right side door on the axial portal. Gable on the main façade, with the gaps torn in axis composed lintelled portal, surmounted by a pediment stopped, and oculus quadrilobado. On the right side of tower two records set by frieze and cornice, the first and second blind man torn by two ventanas perfect round. On the left side of the Order of the House, two floors, ripped straight evenly spans. On the left side, ripping the "Balcony of Pilate", typical of the Churches of Mercy of Beira. Facades flanked by apilastrados corners and cornice topped on the right side door of the church torn by lintelled platter. Interior with choir based on columns that are part of holy water fonts and storage timber, with access from the rostrum of the Chamber, which opens at the Gospel side by pillars of stone.
It has a square on the pulpit of the Epistle, accessed by stairs on the left side. Perfect triumphant arch, flanked by side altars arranged at an angle, polychrome carved rococo.
The main chapel has an altar in gilded Dom style, straight from the plant side and three are similar eixos.Os altarpieces, carved painted white and gold plant and a straight axis, defined by two columns with Corinthian capitals and plain shaft , Based on consoles, and two pilasters, the center, niche profile countercurved with simple frame and finished top by elements phytomorphic, underlined by a cornice of curved profile page, inspired by Borromini; broken pediment and finial curved backrest, the bench is adorned by "ferronerie and acanthus, based on altar-shaped urn. In the chapel, next to the Gospel, is a triptych painted on wood, representing the center, Our Lady of Mercy and the flywheels the Visitation and the Annunciation, with wooden frames, appearing in the predella, a "Last Supper" ; the whole is surmounted by the table with the representation of God the Father flanked by Ionic columns and fins and surmounted by a cornice and a Crucifix.
This Church is classified as a Public Interest.

Visit the Chapel of Our Lady of the Mountain - Algodres

The Chapel of Our Lady of the Field, located in the Town of Algodres, was built in the eighteenth century. It is a very simple chapel of longitudinal plan, single space, preceded by open porch and indoor coverage in homogeneous false barrel vault shot, wood.
The principal gable facade is torn by portal lintelled and rounded edges and has a perfect bell back on the right side of the bell with rough treatment.

Visit Typical Village Algodres

The village of Algodres stands in a vast landscape, features dark granite houses and a remarkable pillory attract visitor's attention, as the Mother Church with a lovely image of Our Lady of Mercy and an interesting altar frontal of Seville tiles.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Visit Rio Mondego - Ovens Algodres

The Mondego River crosses the county Furnace Algodres, makingthe boundary line of several of its parishes. Look the boundary line,along the banks of the river, allows us to observe magnificent landscapes.

Visit the Serra da Estrela - Ovens Algodres

Not part of the geographical area of Serra da Estrela, the County Furnace Algodres she is intimately connected, and various points of view to the County Sierra is stunning.

Visit Ovens Algodres

Ovens Algodres is a Portuguese town in the district of Guarda, the Central subregion and the Serra da Estrela, with about 1700 inhabitants.

It is the seat of a municipality with 133.23 km ² and 5,368 inhabitants (2006), subdivided into 16 parishes. The municipality is bordered to the northeast by the municipality of Trancoso, the east by Celorico of Beira, on the south by Gouveia, west of Viseu and Penalva do Castelo and west by Aguiar da Beira.

The parishes of Algodres furnaces are: Algodres, Casal Vasco, Cork, Figueira da Granja Ovens Algodres, Weasel, Infias, Juncos, Maceira, Slaughter, Muxagata, Queiriz, Sobral Pichorro, Vila Cha, Blondie Vila, Vila Soeiro Chão

Regional Craft

With a huge variety of items and handicrafts with decorative function, this region also manufacture products with utilitarian function that is widely sold in the fairs which are held fortnightly in Ovens Algodres. From pottery to painting, the work of the tin baskets, you can also find points of sale of Handicrafts, lace and embroidery on linen and cotton fabrics, carpets and rugs of Arraiolos, and the traditional footwear of this region - the clogs.
The tin, striking features of this region for its important role in the production of proper containers and indispensable to the making of cheese, there is in rush, and in furnaces Algodres in Figueira da Granja.
The wicker baskets, also produced by craftsmen in the village of Kill, come in various sizes and formats and is commonly used to transport the cheese and other local products for local markets.

Regional Cuisine

Pleasures and unique flavors, the cuisine of the Serra da Estrela guard the ancient culinary traditions that are not limited to so famous Serra cheese. However, in furnaces Algodres, the highest honor is given to this great gentleman of our table.
Other culinary specialties are worth your consideration: a sausage furnaces, the sausage, the sausages and ham, served with homemade bread and wine of the "Dao", the sub-region of Serra da Estrela.
Then you can choose one of the typical dishes of this region: the goat or lamb roast, potatoes Caçoilo Stylish Ovens, cod in olive oil, fish the river, with mashed beans, among others.
For dessert, try not to let the rice pudding, custard, or cream cheese with pumpkin jam or honey accompanied, if you like, with jeropiga or spirit of the region.

What to Visit

In County:
Serra da Estrela
Mondego River

In Town Algodres:
Typical Village Algodres
Chapel of Our Lady of the Field
Church of Mercy
Three Crosses

In the Parish of Infidels:
Source of St. Peter
Community Tank

In the Town of Reeds:
Bridge of Reeds

In the Town of Maceira:

In the Town of Kill:
Chapel of Our Lady of Miracles
Dolmen Killing
Roman Bridge

In the Town of Muxagata:
Chapel of St. Sebastian
Ribeira de Muxagata
Sanctuary of the Lord of Remedies

In the Town of Queiriz:
Niche of Our Lady of Miracles
Fraga da Pena

In the Town of Sobral Pichorro:
Forest Church

In the Town of Vila Cha:
Chapel of Our Lady of Good Tidings
Solar Family Soveral Pedroso

Where to Stay:
INATEL - Ovens Algodres
"Big House of Reeds"
"Neighborhood House of Stone"
"Quinta das Cortes"
Quinta da Fonte do Sapo "
Quinta da Laje High "
Quinta da Lameira "
Quinta da Ponte Nova "
Camping Maceira

Where to Eat:
Shelter Restaurant of Courelas
Restaurant Casa da Praça
Hill Restaurant's Castro
Flower River Restaurant
The Fishy Restaurant
Pot Restaurant
The United Restaurant
Restaurant Retreat Pin
Snack Bar Pizzamota
South Side Restaurant
The Wheel Restaurant