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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Visit the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary - Olhão

The Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, located in the Town of Olhão, began to be built on 4 June 1698 and took 17 years to complete, and its opening occurred in 1715.
It is a Baroque-style church, which, given a barrel-vault great and well and launched a four-tower bell. The front is high and topped by a pediment of masonry, with scrolls and the tympanum is decorated with a crowned shield Marian and angels flanking it. The portal is surmounted by a pediment with carved decorations and the windows are ornaments above the lintel. It's a facade with two bodies overlapped with the particularity of the aligned windows do remember the civilian buildings.
The interior is shaped like a Latin cross, with arms slightly pointed, with five altars (the main altar, the altar of St. Peter and the shrine of St. John the Baptist, the wall of the cruise, the altar of the souls, on the Epistle side and altar of Our Lady of the Conception of the Gospel side. The altarpiece of the main chapel is baroque in terms decorative stands out as being all gold, with a group of angels under the canopy worshipers around a good wooden image of Jesus resurrected and the tabernacle with its monumental dome in rotunda. The side altars are Johannine phase in gilt on a red background and with a canopy over the niches.
The reredos of the altar of Our Lady of the Conception is ending in a gold and polychrome statue of angels and crowned with the Portuguese escudo.
The altarpiece of the Chapel of the Crucifixion must have been done in later years by the same carver of the altarpiece of Our Lady of Conception, since they are identical. Already a triumphal arch is carved rococo.
The particularity of this church is having in its rear a small chapel dedicated to the Lord of the Afflicted. This is a chapel facade centered, with hipped roofs and windows with wrought iron balconies. The center has a portico of three arches, decorated inside with tiles of blue and white, and a porch. It is enhanced by a mosaic with Christ Crucified, abroad. It is seen from the Avenue of the Republic and is guarded only by an iron railing.

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