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Friday, March 13, 2015

Visit Footbridge Circular - Vera Cruz (Aveiro)

The Circular Footbridge, located in the Parish of Vera Cruz, joining the four edges of two channels of the Ria de Aveiro, S. Roque and Botirões. The bridge is unique in its ability to allow cross two channels and the shape and design.
The project was designed by the architect Luis Viegas, Faculty of Architecture of the Port and Domingos Moreira engineer who designed the work.

Visit of Carcavelos Bridge - Vera Cruz (Aveiro)

The Bridge of Carcavelos, located in the Parish of Vera Cruz, is one of the many beautiful architecture of bridges that can enjoy a boat trip on the Canal de São Roque Ria de Aveiro.
This bridge is also known as bridge Valentine.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Visit the Museum of the City - Vera Cruz (Aveiro)

The City Museum, located in the Parish of Vera Cruz, is the former Museum of the Republic Arlindo Vicente.

Visit the Monument to the Fireman - Vera Cruz (Aveiro)

The Monument to the firefighters of Aveiro, is located in the Parish of Vera Cruz and consists of four independent volumes, the main of which is a fireman, a full-length figure made in Bronze. The pedestal consists of concrete blocks. A second volume carries the inscription: "When Fire / MCMLXX" and an epigraph placed upon the Fire Services Day celebration, in 2001.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Visit Moliceiro - Vera Cruz (Aveiro)

In the town of Vera Cruz (Aveiro) and over the Ria de Aveiro channels crossing the parish can see and strolling in the typical characteristic moliceiros the region

Visit Aveiro Fish Market - Vera Cruz (Aveiro)

The Aveiro Fish Market, is located in the Parish of Vera Cruz.