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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Visit the Chapel of Our Lady of Mercy - Honeycomb

Visit the Alminhas - Honeycomb

Visit the Church of Constance

Visit Cruise Constance

Visit the farmhouse - Constance

Visit the Church of Bath - Bath and Carvalhosa

Visit the Church of Carvalhosa - Bath and Carvalhosa

Visit the Moorish Ribeiro - Avessada

Visit the Water Mill Fragas - Avessada

Visit Mill Piela - Avessada

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Visit the Church of San Miguel de Matos - Matos and Alpendurada

The Church of San Miguel de Matos, located in the Town of Alpendurada and Matos, already existed in the early years of the twentieth century.
Over time received some modifications and extensions. Since the construction of a new chorus and a porch, as well as building a tower, works performed around the twenties and thirties of last century.
In 1989, they started the works in what would be the present Church of San Miguel de Matos.

Visit the Fountain of Alpendura and Matos

Visit the Convent of Alpendurada - Alpendurada and Matos

The Alpendurada Convent, located in the Town of Alpendurada and Matos, is now a hotel. The adaptation was done maintaining the original architecture and preserving the mystique of the place itself. The cells are now rooms that retain the austerity of other times. The scenery is a great landscape, dominated by the Douro and its vineyards.

Visit the Medieval Alpendurada Campa and Matos

The medieval Alpendurada Campa and Matos, is in stone and is classified as property of Municipal Value.

Visit Torrao Dam - Alpendurada and Matos

The Torrao Dam, located in the Town of Alpendurada and Matos, was inaugurated in 1989, is the first hydro-electric dam on the River Tamega, the largest tributary of the River Douro.
The reservoir of this dam submerged lands a distance of 31 km, until about Amarante, but its effects last for 183 km.
Produces energy capable of supplying a total of 600 000 inhabitants. It produces 233 million kilowatt per hour.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Visit Rio Tâmega - March Canavezes

Tâmega River, with travel from north to south, surrounds much of the County of Marco Canavezes west. His own way, in addition to landscapes, there are numerous bridges and some river beaches.

Visit Rio Douro - March Canavezes

The Douro River, coming from regions Montes, and the course from east to west limits of the Municipality of Marco Canavezes south, leaving the way enchanting landscapes.

Visit of Marco Canavezes

The March Canaveses is a city of Oporto District with about 9042 inhabitants. It is the seat of a county since 1852 with 201.89 km ² and 55,275 inhabitants, divided into 31 parishes: Alpendurada and Matos, Ariz., Avesso, Bath & Carvalhosa, Constance, comb, Puff, Ovens, Ash, skinny, Manhuncelos, Maurel, Hall of cage walls Viador, Penha Longa, River Chicken, Rosema, Sande, St. Isidore, St. Lawrence Douro, Sao Nicolau, Soalhães, Sobretâmega, Tabuado, Turf, Toutosa, Tuías, the Sheep and Relieved Lowland, Lowland Douro, Vila Boa Quires, Vila Boa do Bispo.
The municipality is limited to the northern town of Amarante, east of Baião, south of Cinfães, southwest of Castelo de Paiva and west by Penafiel.

Brief Historical Summary
The main toponym "March Canaveses"is composed of two elements, and the second is certainly an allusion to the growing of hemp, once abundant in this region. The first element of the toponym, "Marco" derive from a stone marker, dividing the parishes of furnaces, S. Nicholas and Tuías.
The population of the territory corresponding to the current county of March Canaveses dates back to times much indented, with important traces of the Neolithic period, including some funerary monuments. From Roman times, until the present day Tongobriga traces of a Roman settlement that left the baths, the forum, residential areas and a necropolis.
The county's March Canaveses was created in 1852 by decree of King Maria II, annexation by the municipalities of Benviver, Canaveses, Soalhães, Portocarreiro, part of the Gouveia and Santa Cruz de Riba Tamega. The village became a city in 1993.

March Canaveses is strongly influenced by its topography, with areas mainly at altitudes between 200 and 600 meters, reaching the highest values ​​on the hills and Aboboreira Montedeiras. The highest point of the county is situated at an altitude of 962 meters, Sierra Aboboreira, which is shared by the Counties of March Canaveses, Amarante and Baião. In Sierra Montedeiras are reached values ​​of 640 meters. The County is also traversed by two of the most important Portuguese river, the Rio Douro and Rio Tamega. The Douro, coming from regions Montes, with travel from east to west, bounding the County to the south, separating it from the municipalities of Castelo de Paiva and Cinfães. Take a seat, and the course from north to south, surrounds much of the County to the west, separating it from the Municipality of Penafiel. Another river that runs along the county is the Sheep, which comes directly from the municipality of Amarante.

Due to their relief, March Canaveses has a markedly unstable climate and extremes, with cold winters and hot summers and rigorous. The coldest season of the year is usually prolonged, descending temperatures often below 0 ° C. Fog is also a constant presence. The cold is most evident in areas north and on the hills and Aboboreira Montedeiras, where snow is common, sometimes registering negative temperatures in the range of -8 ° C. During the driest months of summer, may be recorded temperatures above 30 ° C and can sometimes reach values ​​near 40 ° C. However, nice days of summer may be interrupted by constant cloudy days and some rain. The relative humidity is quite high, ranging between 75% and 80%.

Mata da Ribeira
Forest of Thorn
Mill Piela
Windmill Fragas
Ribeira Moorish

In the Town of Bath and Carvalhosa:
Church Carvalhosa
Church of Bath

In the Town of Constance:
Casa da Quinta

In the Town of comb:
Chapel of Our Lady of Mercy
Church of Sao Palo

In the Town of Puff:
Chapel of Our Lady of Aparecida
Niche of the Sacred Heart of Mary
Arch Bridge

In the Town of Ovens:
Light Source
Monument to the Immigrant
Monument to the Great War Dead
Municipal Museum
Bridge of Railways

In the Parish of Ash:
Monument to Our Lady of Fatima
Ruins of Tongobriga
Tower sundial

In the Town of skinny:
Monument to Our Lady of Fatima
Thursday Chapel

In the Town of Manhuncelos:

In the Town of Maurel:

In the Parish of Pacos Cage:
Dam Carrapatelo
Chapel of St. Martin of Fandinhães
Church of St. Clement
Belvedere Cage

In the Town of Walls Viador:
Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Parish Church

In the Town of Penha Longa:
Picnic area of Montadoiras
Penedo pen

In the Town of Rio de Galinhas:
Casa dos Arcos
Source and washing

In the Town of Rosema:
Monument to Our Lady of Fatima

In the Town of Sande:
Chapel of Our Lady of Fatima Laurentim
Chapel of St. James
River Beach Vimieiro

In the Parish of St. Isidore:

In the Parish of San Lorenzo de Duero:
Monument to Our Lady of Fatima

In the Parish of St. Nicholas:
Chapel of St. Nicholas
Chapel of St. Lazarus
Chapel of the Holy Spirit
Casa da Cruz
Casa del Prado
Bridge over the Tâmega

In the Town of Soalhões:
Saint James Chapel
Chapel of St. Sebastian

In the Town of Sobretâmega:
Chapel of St. Sebastian
Holy Fountain of the yard
Church of Santa Maria
River Beach

In the Town of Tabuado:
Monument to Our Lady of Fatima

In the Town of Turf:
Church of Santa Clara
Bridge Over the River Tamega

Tomb of Santa Clara

In the Town of Toutosa:
Casa do Adro Church
Casa do Largo
Casa do Ribeiro

In the Town of Tuías:
Casa do Outeiro
Monument to Our Lady of Fatima

Floodplains in the Town of the Sheep and Relieved:
St. Lawrence Chapel
Chapel of the Holy Spirit
Church of Saint Martin
Penedo da Rebeca
Bell Tower

Floodplains in the Town of Douro:
Pier Bitetos
Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Guia
Ancient Church
Parish Church
River Beach Bitetos

In the Town of Vila Boa Quires:
Church of St. Andrew
Monument to Our Lady of Fatima
Works of Hidalgo

In the Parish of Vila do Bispo Boa:
Chapel of St. Anthony
Pine Chapel
Cruzeiro da Veiga
Monastery of Santa Maria
Ruins of the Chapel of St. Saviour

Where to sleep:
Residential Marco
Quinta dos Agros
Quinta de São Romão do Passal
House sales
Thursday Mosteirô
Home Gondomil
Quinta de Cima Lowland
Farm Dog
House of serdeiredo
Casa da Ribeira
Casa da Vila Nova
House of the Impossible
Convent Alpendorada
Quinta do Crasto
Residential Nantilde
Solar Carvalhosa
Tourist Village Tower Snowfall
Riverside House
Home Andrae
Shelter Mountain