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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Visit the Church of Santa Ana - Vimieiro (Braga)

Visit the Parish Church of Vilaça

The Parish Church of Vilaça, dates from 1899. It has a three-story bell tower with clock. Initially it had the shape of T, having recently been changed to quadrangular format.

Visit the Quinta da Boavista - Trandeiras

Visit the Church of Trandeiras

Visit the Boavista Football Field - Trandeiras

Boavista Football Field, located in Freguesia de Trandeiras, has a capacity for 300 spectators.

Visit the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte - Tenões (Braga)

The Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte, located in the parish of Tenões, is dedicated to Senhor Bom Jesus and is constituted by an architectural-landscaped set composed by a church, the staircase where the Via Sacra do Bom Jesus is developed, a garden area Bom Jesus, some hotels and a funicular.
His peculiar disposition was the inspiration for other constructions, such as the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Remedies in Lamego and the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus de Matosinhos in the city of Congonhas in Minas Gerais, Brazil.
It is classified as Property of Public Interest.
It is believed that the primitive occupation of this site dates back to the beginning of the 14th century when someone will have erected a cross on the top of Mount Espinho. In the year 1373 a hermitage is already mentioned in the place, under the invocation of the Holy Cross. This hermitage will have been attached to the parish of Tenões.
Local of devotion and pilgrimage of the people of the region of Braga, in 1494 was erguida a second hermitage. A third hermitage was erected in 1522.
In 1629 a group of devotees constituted the Confraternity of Bom Jesus do Monte, being built a chapel where was placed an image of Christ Crucified, besides houses for shelter of the pilgrims, and the first chapels of Passos of the Passion, in the form of small niches.
From 1722, the then Archbishop of Braga, D. Rodrigo de Moura Teles, conceived and initiated a great project that would lead to the present Sanctuary.
This church was designed by the architect Carlos Amarante, by order of the then Archbishop of Braga, D. Gaspar de Bragança, to replace the previous one, erected by D. Rodrigo de Moura Teles. His works began on June 1, 1784, and were completed in 1811.
The churchyard, also designed by Amarante, features eight statues representing characters who intervened in the condemnation, passion and death of Christ.
The church has a plant in the shape of a Latin cross, constituting one of the first neoclassical buildings in the country. Its façade is flanked by two towers, surmounted by a triangular pediment.

Visit the Lake of Bom Jesus - Tenões (Braga)

Visit the Garden of Bom Jesus do Monte - Tenões (Braga)

The Bom Jesus do Monte Garden is located in Sanctuary of Bom Jesus, in the parish of Tenões. This picturesque and paradisiac place, invites to rest and meditation, has a huge diversity of species of trees; dense vegetation (heather, moss, herbs); pleasant retreats; some caves; water breaking everywhere; springs; streets, paths and paths; rustic bridges; plant nurseries.
From the year 1877, a commission headed by António Brandão Pereira will draw up a first plan for the construction of a park and a lake.
Hence the existence of the lake, enlarged in 1908, extending southwards along cliffs from which flows the water to the lake.
Throughout the park, and in the shade of old and leafy trees, we found tables and benches for picnics.

Visit the Church of Santa Eulália - Tenões (Braga)

The Church of Santa Eulália, located in the parish of Tenões, stands out as an example, in constructive terms, of the simpler typology of the transition from the Romanesque to the Gothic in the north of Portugal. This church of modest dimensions, is composed internally by a nave of rectangular plant and a chancel, also rectangular, but of smaller dimensions.
In spite of later alterations are still visible the signs of the transition to the Gothic like the broken arch of the portal.
It is classified as Property of Public Interest.

Visit the Funicular of the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus - Tenões (Braga)

Bom Jesus Funicular is located in Bom Jesus do Monte Sanctuary, in the parish of Tenões, connects the upper part of the city to the Sanctuary, overcoming a drop of more than one hundred meters in height, and follows a path parallel to that of the Staircase of the Good Jesus.
It was the first funicular railway built in the Iberian Peninsula, and is currently the oldest in service in the world using the water balance system.
It was built to replace the Braga line of Americans, which originally extended to the sanctuary and had to have its horse-traction supplemented by steers on the steep ascent on days of greater affluence.
It operates on a ramp, consisting of two independent cabins, connected to each other by a funicular system with water balance. Each cabin has a tank, which is full of water when at the upper level, and emptied when at the bottom. The weight difference thus obtained allows the movement. The amount of water is calculated according to the number of passengers in the cabins, with each trip.
It was inaugurated the 25 of March of 1882.

Visit the Staircase of the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus - Tenões (Braga)

The Bom Jesus staircase, located in the Parish of Tenões, which runs from the Portico to the Terreiro de Moisés, has a difference of 116 meters, with 573 steps in granite and is divided into three Stairs: The Portico Staircase with 376 steps, O Staircase of the Five Senses with 104 steps and Staircase of the Three Virtues with 93 steps.
In the portico is born a majestic staircase, built on the initiative of D. Rodrigo de Moura Teles, divided by several flights with levels. The pavement is of small stone, crushed between carved stonework, with steps in front of the chapels. The parapets headed in stonework are ornamented at the angles with armillary spheres or pyramids.

Visit the Coreto do Bom Jesus - Tenões (Braga)

Visit The Church of Tebosa