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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Visit the Tunnel Rail Eirol

Visit the Church of Santa Eulalia - Eirol

Visit the Rio Vouga - Cacia (Aveiro)

Rio Vouga is a part of Northern Border Town Cacia.

Visit the Railway Bridge over the River Vouga - Cacia (Aveiro)

Visit the Lagoon Cacia (Aveiro)

Visit the Church of Cacia (Aveiro)

Visit the Power Cacia (Aveiro)

Visit the House of Art Nouveau - Cacia (Aveiro)

Visit the Chapel of St. Simon - Cacia (Aveiro)

Visit the Chapel of St. Anthony - Cacia (Aveiro)

Visit the Chapel Cacia (Aveiro)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Visit the Valley of the concubine Tanks - Arad (Aveiro)

Visit the Baixeiro Tanks - Arad (Aveiro)

Visit the Pool of Good Success - Arad (Aveiro)

Visit the Community Aradas tank (Aveiro)

Visit the Fifth of Our Lady of Sorrows - Arad (Aveiro)

Visit the Quinta da Medela - Arad (Aveiro)

Visit the Universiadade Footbridge - Arad (Aveiro)

Visit the Tile Panel from Arad (Aveiro)

Visit the Church of St. Peter - Arad (Aveiro)

Visit the Source of Lila - Arad (Aveiro)

The Source of Lila, located in the Town of Arad (Aveiro), is constructed of brick, with metal spout and has a tank for watering cattle.

Visit the Source of the village square - Arad (Aveiro)

The Source of the village square, located in the Town of Arad (Aveiro), is constructed in masonry with watering tank for livestock.

Visit the Source of Leirinhas - Arad (Aveiro)

The Source of Leirinhas, located in the Town of Arad (Aveiro), has recent deployment, because it had to be moved from place to build a primitive road. It has two tanks, washing with coverage.

Visit the Fountain of Pilot - Arad (Aveiro)

Visit the Fountain of Mated - Arad (Aveiro)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Visit the Fountain of Lavandeira - Arad (Aveiro)

The Fountain of Lavandeira, located in the Town of Arad (Aveiro), has only a small tank to capture water flowing from the spout.

Visit the Fountain of weariness - Arad (Aveiro)

Visit the Statue of Our Lady of Fatima - Arad (Aveiro)

Visit the Chapel of St. John the Baptist - Arad (Aveiro)

The Chapel of St. John the Baptist Verdemilho, located in the Town of Arad (Aveiro), presents the main door and a simple rectangular arch adorning themselves around little heads of cherubim and draws upon closing a small sculpture of the Virgin, which is an inscription dated 1636.

Visit the Chapel of St. John - Arad (Aveiro)

Visit the Chapel of St. Anthony - Arad (Aveiro)

Visit the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows - Arad (Aveiro)

Visit the Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes - Arad (Aveiro)

Visit the Chapel of Arad (Aveiro)

Visit the Ria de Aveiro

The Ria de Aveiro, which covers a significant area of ​​the Municipality of Aveiro, separating it into two, extends inland, parallel to the sea, a distance of 45 kilometers and a maximum width of 11 kilometers towards the east-west Ovar to Mira.
Ria is the result of the retreat of the sea, with the formation of strings coasts, from the sixteenth century, formed a lagoon that is one of the most important hydrographic accidents and beautiful Portuguese coast.
In Ria flow into the river Vouga, the Antu, the Boco and Fontão, whose only communication with the sea a channel that cuts the cord between the coast and San Jacinto Bar, allowing access to the Port of Aveiro, deep draft vessels.
Rich in fish and waterfowl, has large expanses of water, places for the practice of all sports. The production of salt, using ancient techniques, is still one of the most characteristic traditional activities of the city of Aveiro.

visit Aveiro

Aveiro, known as the "Venice of Portugal" and for a time called "New Bragança," is capital of the District of Aveiro, with about 61,794 inhabitants.
It is home to a town with 78,463 inhabitants and 199.77 km ² in area, subdivided into 14 parishes: Aradas, Cacia, Eirol, Axis, Esgueira, Glory, Nose, Our Lady of Fatima, Oliveirinha, Requeixo, St. Bernard, San Jacinto , Saint Joan, Vera Cruz. The city is bordered to the north by the city of Aveiro, northeast of Albergaria-a-Velha, on the east by Agatha, on the south by Oliveira do Bairro, southeast by Vagos and Ílhavo, and with a relatively narrow strip of coastline in the Ocean Atlantic in the west through the parish of San Jacinto. It is an important urban center, port, rail, university and tourist.

Short historical review

In the late sixteenth, early seventeenth century, the instability of the vital communication between the Ria and the sea led to the closure of the channel, preventing the use of the port and creating unsanitary conditions, caused by the stagnant waters of the lagoon.
In 1759, D. Joseph I raised Aveiro city. In the new town was named New Bragança instead of Aveiro, Royal Charter by April 11, 1759. With the fall from power of the Marquis of Pombal, after D. Mary I became queen in 1777, then sent back to this city to its previous name.


* Soft Eggs
* Derived from Soft Eggs: Eggs Nuts, Wire Egg, Lamprey eggs, etc..
* Eel Stew
* Guts and American Cookies (sweet)

What to Visit

 In County: 
Ria de Aveiro 

In the Parish of Aradas: 
Chapel Aradas 
Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes 
Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows
 Chapel of St. Anthony 
Chapel of St. John 
Chapel Verdemilho 
Statue of Our Lady of Fatima 
Source of weariness 
Source of Lavandeira 
Source of mated 
Source of Pilot 
Source of Leirinhas 
Source EIRO 
Source Lila 
Church of St. Peter of Aradas 
Panel of TilesUniversity Footbridge 
Thursday from Medela 
Fifth of Our Lady of Sorrows
Tank AradasTank of Good Success 
Tank Baixeiros 
Tanks Valley concubine 

In Cacia Town: 
Chapel of St. Anthony 
Chapel of St. Simon 
New House of ArtSource 
Lagoon cacia 
Railway Bridge over the River Vouga 
Vouga River

 In the Parish of Eirol: 
Church of Santa Eulalia 
Railway tunnel Eirol 

In the Town of Axis: 
Field Sports of the Eixense 
Roman Oven
 Church of Azurva 
Church of St. Isidore
 Ferry Park 
Park Azurva

In the Parish of Esgueira:

 Estádio Municipal de Aveiro 
Eye of the Water Fountain 
Church of St. Andrew 
Picnic Park of the Pateira Taboeira 

In the Parish of Glory:
 Channel of the OCOG 
 Cruise Santo Domingo 
Building the City of Aveiro 
Building Ceramics Factory 
Stadium at the University of Aveiro 
Stadium Sea 
Statue of Joseph Stephen 
Estuary of San Pedro 
Source of Five Bicas 
Source of Glory 
Church of Mercy 
Church of the Carmelites 
Lake of the University of Aveiro 
Lake Park Don Pedro Infante 
Santa Joana Museum 
Panel of Tiles 
Infante Dom Pedro Park 
Bridge Crasto 
Bridge Park Don Pedro Infante 
Cathedral of Aveiro 
Theatre Aveiro 

In the Parish of Nose 

In the Parish of Our Lady of Fatima: 
Lagoon Mamodeiro 

In the Parish of Oliveirinha: 
Chapel of Moita 
Chapel of Our Lady of Grace
Chapel of Our Lady of Guia 
Chapel of St. Benedict 
House Morgadio 
Stadium Gandara 
Statue of Father Antonio Valente Anthony 
Source of Our Lady of Guia 
Church Coast Trench 
New Church of Quintãs

In the Parish of Requeixo: 
Dam of Requeixo 
Souls in Bragal
Chapel of Our Lady of Alumieira
Chapel of St. Amaro 
Cruise of the Church of St. Palo 
Church of St. sausage 
Taipa Bridge 
Roman Bridge 
Rio Agueda 

In the Parish of Saint Joan: 
Chapel of Our Lady of Mercy and St. Bras 
Chapel of St. Gerard 
Chapel of São Romão

In the Parish of St. Bernard: 
Church of Vilar 

In the Parish of San Jacinto: 
Old Portuguese Air Force Aircraft 
Air BaseWharf
 Air Force Base Chapel 
Church of Our Lady of the Sands
 Lagoon Natural Reserve of São Jacinto Dunes 
Beach of San Jacinto 
Dunes Natural Reserve of San Jacinto 

In the Town of Vera Cruz: 
Panel Tiles Angel Guard 
Wharf Botirões 
Channel of San Roque 
Canal Botirão 
The Baroque Chapel of the Lord 
Casa Major Pessoa 
Fountain of the Fish Market 
Railway station of Aveiro 
Statue of João Afonso de Aveiro 
Lord of the Baroque fountain 
Church of Our Lady of the Presentation 
Carmo Church 
Church of Aveiro 
Fish Market 
Monument to the Fire 
City Museum and Republic 
 Bridge Carcavelos 
Channel Pedestrian Bridge of San Roque 

Where to Stay
 Hotel The Americas
 Hotel Melia Ria - Spa
 Hotel Moliceiro R 
Hotel Afonso V
 Imperial Hotel 
Garden Hotel Afonso V
 John Baker Hotel 
Venice Hotel Aveiro 
Aveiro Rossio Hostel 
BiniBag Guest House 
Pension Beira 
Brazilian Pension
 Star Pension
 Pension John Chapel 
Palm board 
Pension Saint Joan
 Casa da Ria 
Hotel Arcade 
Hotel Aveiro Center 
Stephen Joseph Hotel 
Hotel of Salinas

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Visit the Well Silvalde

Visit the Church of St. James - Silvalde

The Church of St. James, located in the Town of Silvalde, began to be built in the early twentieth century.

Visit the Sports Complex Silvalde

Visit the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows - Silvalde

We stopped to visit the beach

We stopped at the beach, located in the Town with the same name, between pontoons, which makes the collection of typical fishing boats.

Visit the Barry Beach Esmoriz - We have

Visit the Cross of Calvary - We have

Visit the Sports Complex We stopped

Visit the Castro Ovil - We have

The Castro Ovil, located in the Town of stopped, and a pre-Roman fort which is dated to the second century BC, which was erected in a dominant position on a small hill. It was abandoned during the process of Romanization of the region began in the early first century
It is classified as Property of Municipal Interest

Visit the Chapel of Our Lady of Guidance - We have

The Chapel of Our Lady of Guia, located in the Town of Paramos, was built in the late seventeenth century, was later rebuilt in 1897. In front of the chapel is a stone tile that reads: "Non Ms. Guia - We stopped" and below are the images, also in tile, of Our Lady of Guia and St. Andrew.

Visit the Chapel of Our Lady of Good Time - We have

Visit the Chapel of Our Lady of Aparecida - We have

The Chapel of Our Lady of Aparecida, is located in the Place of the beach, we stopped in the Parish of in the sea. This chapel is characterized by having a hexagonal shape. It was rebuilt in 1927. And in his estate has pictures of the old Chapel of St. John the Evangelist and a picture of Our Lady of Aparecida.