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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Visit the Ria de Aveiro

The Ria de Aveiro, which covers a significant area of ​​the Municipality of Aveiro, separating it into two, extends inland, parallel to the sea, a distance of 45 kilometers and a maximum width of 11 kilometers towards the east-west Ovar to Mira.
Ria is the result of the retreat of the sea, with the formation of strings coasts, from the sixteenth century, formed a lagoon that is one of the most important hydrographic accidents and beautiful Portuguese coast.
In Ria flow into the river Vouga, the Antu, the Boco and Fontão, whose only communication with the sea a channel that cuts the cord between the coast and San Jacinto Bar, allowing access to the Port of Aveiro, deep draft vessels.
Rich in fish and waterfowl, has large expanses of water, places for the practice of all sports. The production of salt, using ancient techniques, is still one of the most characteristic traditional activities of the city of Aveiro.

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