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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

visit Espinho

Espinho is a Portuguese city belonging to the district of Aveiro, with about 21,589 inhabitants.
It is home to a small urban municipality with 21.11 km ² and 29,481 inhabitants, divided into five parishes: Anta, Espinho, Guetim, stopped and Silvalde. The city is bordered to the north by the municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia, on the east by Santa Maria da Feira, south and west by Ovar the Atlantic Ocean.

Small Brief History
Legend has it that in times much earlier date, a small boat that sailed along the coast was caught in a storm and sank.
Two men, Spanish Galicia, survived the tragedy, legend has it that the mercy of a promise made to Our Lady to build a little chapel in her honor if she allows them to salvation.
When felt solid ground under their feet, the two men - and Marcio Eugenio Esteves, according to the monograph Alvaro Pereira - a miracle that took the edge beach and built a small church (Chapel Galician).
But what of the legend is interested primarily retain the dialogue that the two had when Galician, still not over the shock, arrested his attention on the wooden plank on which they had put safe: one said that it was made of brown, but the other, in her talk peremptorily Galician guarantee: "No! Are pin!" And here you have been the name of Thorn.
There are obviously more credible hypothesis than this. In memories of the Portuguese Forais Lands reads: "(....) Espinho owes its name to a espiniforme cliffs, the spine of any beach: is there a place called Thorn Land, indicating a thorn in the sea."

For over 200 years, a colony formed by families of fishermen from Ovar, went to this place in order to probe the marine fauna, especially sardines, a time of widespread use in industry and manuring of lands, in addition to their food use. It was close enough to find a place that would allow the Port to put the fish in that city in good use, since it is unaware of the conservation process.
Nomads in a sense, these early settlers did not build houses. Sought shelter at night in the boats turned upside down.
The settlement of people in Espinho began at around the year 1776, after the arrival of the Industrial Furadouro Mijaule French Jean Pierre, who knew the "secret" pickle sardine, which allowed the storage and sale during the the fishing season.
Are the first homes - the haystacks - the fishermen have sedentarized. These were made of wood roofs covered with earth, with a total lack of discipline in its implementation.
The transition from wood to stone was a slow process and had an intermediate stage in the haystacks have to bear the main façade of stone and lime.
Later, many of these houses were to be purchased by families and possessions subject to improvements, thus coming to form the colony beach of Espinho.
In less than half a century, Thorn would become a priority for the beaches of northern Portugal.
Currently, Espinho is a modern, high-level tourist resort that welcomes thousands of domestic and foreign visitors throughout the year.
A few kilometers from Sa Carneiro Airport in Oporto, the city of Espinho has quick and easy means of communication with the country and abroad and is also directly linked to two major cities of Portugal by the communications backbone of the country - the Northern Line - and is still the beginning of the Railroad Valley Vouga, which gives access to the most beautiful area stretching from the waterfront to Aveiro, full of scenic beauty and artistic.

What to visit
In the Parish of Anta:
Shrines of St. Mamede
Chapel of Our Lady of Conception
Chapel of Our Lady of the High Heavens
Chapel of St. Vincent

In the Parish of Thorn:
Old Bullring
Chapel of Our Lady of Help
Chapel of St. Peter
Multimedia center
Building the City of Espinho
Estádio Municipal de Espinho
Church of Our Lady of Help
Museum of Espinho
Blue beach
Bay beach
Costa Verde Beach
Faina Beach
Beach Drought
Espinho Beach
Antero Beach

In the Parish of Guetim:

We stopped in the Parish of:
We stopped Airfield
Barry Esmoriz
Chapel of Our Lady of Aparecida
Chapel of Our Lady of Good Time
Chapel of Our Lady of Guia
Castro Ovil
Sports Complex
Cruise of the Steps
Barry Beach Esmoriz
We stopped Beach

In the Parish of Silvalde:
Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows
Sports Complex
St. James Church

Where to Stay:
hotel Solverde
Praiagolfe Hotel
Apartment Hotel Solverde
hotel Nery
Hotel Mar Azul
New Residential Espinho
Residential Espinho

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