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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Visit the Building Ceramics Factory Jerome Pereira Campos - Glory (Aveiro)

The Ceramics Factory Jerome Pereira Campos, was founded in 1896, and was located in the Town of Glory (Aveiro). Today the building serves as the Plant Culture and Congress Centre of Aveiro.

Visit the Building of the Municipality of Aveiro - Gloria (Aveiro)

The building of the Municipality of Aveiro, located in the Town of Glory, was built in 1797.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Visit the Cross of St. Dominic - Glory (Aveiro)

The cruise of Santo Domingo, located in the Town of Glory (Aveiro), dates from the late fifteenth century. The original was taken into the Cathedral of Aveiro in the late 70th century. This is a cross fifteenth with scenes of the Passion and Death of Christ carved in low relief.

Visit the Bandstand Municipal de Aveiro - Glory (Aveiro)

The Bandstand city of Aveiro, located in the Town of Glory, is a construction in iron, dating from the early twentieth century.

Visit the Canal Cojo - Glory (Aveiro)

The Channel of the OCOG, located in the Town of Glory (Aveiro), was once designated by the Ribeira Azenhas, given the high number of those devices that were concentrated along its margins. It was an important place for mooring boats.

Visit the Pillory Esgueira (Aveiro)

The Pillory Esgueira is located near the old Town Hall of Esgueira, in the parish of Esgueira. It is datable to the early twentieth century XVIII.Sobre a pedestal, stands the trunk, torso, without any decoration. It is surmounted by a Corinthian capital, a single order of acanthus, on which rises the entablature and a parallelepiped body. Parallelepiped is the body which are carved the symbols of the country and Esgueira: national coat of arms, barque, three crossed arrows, armillary sphere dominated the cross of Christ. Of particular reference to the barque, to represent the dominant maritime activity in the region. Finally, note also the presence of iron galheiros, ending in flower and rings between them.
The Pelourinho is classified as property of public interest.