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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Visit the Parish Church of Arganil

The Parish Church has as its patron St. Arganil Gens.
The present building derives from the late seventeenth century. The oldest part is the chapel of Fonsecas.
The front of the line and corners apilastrados gable stonework granite, rectangular portal is dominated by a polygonal niche and a spyglass.
The body is paneled coverage in each panel containing a painting hagiographic, implementing artificial, from de Oliveira Thunder, performed in 1762.
The main altarpiece is from the late seventeenth century, with later renovations.
On the left is the chapel set up by the village chief captain, Pero da Fonseca, whose land was demarcated on November 12, 1658. In this chapel are two wooden sculptures of the seventeenth century: the Lady of the Conception and St. Peter.
The chapel of the Sacrament (the same side) is the first half of the nineteenth century. There are two images of eighteenth-century S. Francisco and San Antonio.
The tower of the church is separated from the Church and at a higher level, so it is a very interesting urban reason.

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