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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Visit the Ethnographic Museum of Praia de Mira

The Ethnographic Museum of Praia de Mira was inaugurated on 5 October 1997, with the main collection to collection of pieces made by the Cultural and Recreational Centre of Praia de Mira and the City of Mira.
The original purpose of research, collection and archiving of materials and testimonies related to experience local culture and reconstructs the typical housing - "Haystack" - this coastal area.
It represents a tribute to the people of Mira and its origins.
The Museum is an architecture building blockhouse, commonly known as "Haystack."
Arranged over two floors, opened on the landscape takes place in an intimate space dominated by pond Barrinha Mira.

On the ground floor are the Tourist Office and a temporary exhibition room, which communicates with space for permanent exhibitions: the origins of Praia de Mira, through the architectural heritage, addressing fishing gear at sea and the life of fishermen.
On the 1st Floor discusses the behavior of local populations, since the regional dress at the most salient manifestations of how exercising the profession, agriculture and fisheries, how they lived and how they related.

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