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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Visit the Church of St. Peter - Arganil

The Church of St. Peter, located in the Town of Arganil, is the oldest monument in the county. Its construction dates from the late thirteenth century. It is located outside the village of Arganil, near the river Alva in an area of archaeological finds.
Founders had the grantees of the land, Jonathan Roberts and his wife Redondo D. Marine Afonso.
The building of massive construction in garnito and austere divided into three naves with apsidal chapels, transept and without coverage only of wood.
The building is made of irregular blocks of predominantly boulder rolled thick, except for corners, openings and arches are of stone, made mostly of local sandstone.
The three naves are divided by two arcades of three bays. Are simple arcs, squares and just crackpots.
The doors, the main and two side arches are broken and cut edges.
The most significant is the image of S. Peter, the fifteenth century, in limestone.
This Church is classified as National Monument

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