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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Visit the Church of Mercy - Arganil

The Church of Mercy of Arganil, located in the town center, one of its most characteristic streets, was part of the boundaries of the Solar Countess of Reeds and rebuilt at the end of the century. XVIII, including the frontage.
The architecture is strikingly austere.
This church was used as an ammunition depot troops of Wellington in 1809 and in 1811 the French made it stable, in the context of the Napoleonic wars.
The church that we see today, with the restoration of 1777, presents longitudinal plan, a single ship, in corners and truss spar portal connected to a large window with balcony, topped by the family coat of arms with the royal crown. Merged in front is a square tower with bell-openings and access doors. In the nineteenth century was restored.

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