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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Visit the Church of St. Martin in Cork

The Church of St. Martin in Cork is a large building, built in sandstone region. Plain façade with high rectangular port, whose cock is the coat of records Wedges, overpowered the choir window and a niche pilasters with sculpture. The side doors are the same path. The tower sits in the middle of the body, oblong, with a narrow faces and ventana in the other two.
The interior displays two chapels open on the flanks of the nave.Dome cover is simple brick. Brick is also the vault of the chancel.The arches of these chapels are carved and cruise the stripe and is the right foot (only the front side) posts bias.
The pulpit, carved with stripes, is based on two consoles, and the time of construction. The main altarpiece, gilded wood, with four columns connected by arches, twisted and tendrils, is the end of the century. XVII. The two side chapels, and all of the same track, made in the second half of the century. XVIII, have two columns, suns and angels acroteriais.

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