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Monday, October 11, 2010

Visit the Village Typical Chãs d'Mare - Piódão

The typical village of Mare d'Chãs, belongs to the Town of Piódão and is marked by typical houses Shale.
Chãs d'Mare is located in Vale da Ribeira d'Chãs Mare, downstream of Cabeço Gondufe and Ports d'Mare. There are indications that this is the oldest settlement in the parish, or in reports from generation to generation either by the existing rock art. Its foundation dates back to 700 to 1000 years BC
According to popular tradition, the origin of the name Mare d'Chãs due to the fact that, when the Roman settlement being created in Chãs, local water-rich and associated with mineral exploration, mares destined to be linked in sports cars and combat.

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