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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Visit the Church of Coja

The Church of Coja has as its patron St. Miguel. In 1758 he began work to repair that lasted almost 70 years. In the year 1841 were sent to the front door, cross the two doors and the door of the choir. Only in 1881 was completed the construction of the main chapel.
The facade of the building features eighteenth century lines, with the front line of bases and elegantly trimmed. The main door is flanked by two composite basin with a balcony extending to the three slit windows of the choir, which have eaves on curved paths. It has a niche in the shape of a miniature church that dominates the central window, signing up in the gable. The tower on the right, shoot, in masonry, and bulbar form of the same general type.
The casting of a big bell, a small grid and the front of the church, were completed in 1887.
Inside the temple, are works of religious art of great value and taste of eighteenth-century altarpieces, though executed in the century. XIX.

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