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Monday, October 11, 2010

Visit the Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição - Piódão

The Church of Our Lady of Conception, located in the main square of the Town of Piódão, is the element that stands out most of the gray village that is now painted blue and white.

Built in the seventeenth century, the facade of the church was rebuilt in the nineteenth century neoclassical style.

This is a building of great architectural value, with frontage consists of four thin cylindrical towers topped cones and square bell tower plant in the middle of the south facade. There is a temple sculpture in limestone of Our Lady of Conception, dated the Second Half of Five Hundred.

It is said that one day the people gathered all the available gold and sent an old pastor ask the Bishop of Coimbra permission to build the church.

In view of such expensive request, the bishop was preparing to deny the request, when the old minister, opening his cap mountain, showed him the gleaming gold coins needed for such an undertaking.

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