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Monday, August 29, 2011

visit Tabuaço

Tabuaço is a village in the district of Viseu, with about 1800 inhabitants. It is home to the city with 135.72 km ² and 6,785 inhabitants (2001), subdivided into 17 parishes (Adorigo, bows, boats, platitude, Eager, Grange Tedo, Granjinha, Long, Paradela, Pereiro, Pines, Santa Leocadia , Sendim Tabuaço, Tavora, Vale de Figueira and Valença do Douro). The municipality is bordered to the north by the municipality of Sabrosa, east of Sao Joao da Pesqueira, by Sernancelhe southeast, the southwest by Tondela and west by Armamar.
About 25% of the population works in the tertiary sector, but agriculture remains the sector with the highest weight, about 56% of the workforce. Among the products of greatest economic importance, there is wine and crafts.
The roots of the village date back to Tabuaço times older than the actual Portuguese. During prehistoric times, there were several people who have settled here and developed its action, visible both in the ruins of shelters and settlements, traces of both in tools, such as pottery or primitive lagaretas wineries and olive oil and wine .
Tabuaço offers tasty flavors of traditional knowledge and whose main specialty is the famous goat stuffed with rice and oven, but there is also a great ham and a delicious ball of meat and fish the river in a pickled sauce. Fry also highlight the lamb, the Boar, the rice Cabidela. They are also highly appreciated the sweet chestnut cake and Tabuaço-King, known as the best king cake in the country, but the ball candy, Folar olive oil, Sweet Folar, sponge cake, Matrafões, noodles, Egg pudding, Tareco, Candy Eggs.
Tabuaço Earth is still a good wine but also of excellent olive oil.


The craftsmanship of the county of Tabuaço is closely linked to the construction of parts and tools related to the cultivation of vines and wine production. Thus, basketry, cooperage and tin are the main handicraft arts in the county.

In Town Boat:
Walk the Roman Sabroso
Chapel of Our Lady of Sabroso
Chapel of Santa Barbara
Chapel of St. Alexius
Chapel of St. Peter
Parish Church

In the Parish of cliché:
Church of Saint Martin
In the Town of Eager:
Typical Village Eager
Chapel of Santa Barbara
Church of St. Anthony
Church of Ferry

In the parish of Grange Tedo:
LinkLinkChapel of São Francisco das Chagas
Church of Our Lady of Socorro
Roman Bridge of two arches
Roman Bridge (Bow only)
River Beach
Rio Tedo

In the Town of Granjinha:
Church of Santa Barbara
LinkChurch of Santo Amaro
St. Peter's Monastery of the Eagles
River Beach

In Long Town:
Chapel of Our Lady of Guia
Chapel of Our Lady of Health
Chapel of St. Anthony
Chapel of St. Isidore
Chapel of St. Michael
Chapel of St. Sebastian
Castro Long
Shrine of Our Lady of Health

Paradela In Town:
Chapel of St. Philomena
Chapel of São Mamede
Fountain of São Mamede
Fountain Ribeiro
Roman wine press
Niche of Our Lady of Fatima
Stone Horse

Pereiro in the Parish of:
Church of St. Sebastian

In the Town of Pines:
Chapel of Our Lady of Conception
Chapel of Santa Barbara
Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene
Calvary Chapel of Our Lord
Cabeço rock carvings of the Doves
Church of Santa Eufemia
via Sacra

In the Parish of Santa Leocadia:
Chapel of Our Lady of Health
Roman Bridge

In the Parish of Sendim:
Chapel of Our Lady of Nazareth
Chapel of Our Lady of Good Order
Chapel of St. Mark
Chapel of St. Michael
Church of Santa Maria de Sendim
Picnic Park of Bouções
Sanctuary of Santa Luzia
Tank Community Guedieiros

In the Parish of Tabuaço:
Chapel of Santa Barbara
Chapel of San Placido
Chapel of St. Vincent
Cruise Largo October 5
Church of Our Lady of Conception
Calvary Garden
Garden of Tabuaço
Imaginary Museum of Douro
Municipal Pool

In the Parish of Tavora:
Chapel of Our Lady of Pleasures
Chapel of Santa Barbara
Chapel of St. Anthony
Convent of St. Peter of the Eagles

In the Parish of Vale Figueira:
Head Warrior
Church of Our Lady of the Presentation

In the Parish of Valença do Douro:
Viewpoint of the Fountain Square
Thursday's Pebble

where to Stay
House Coat
Summit house
Quinta da Hazel
Quinta da Padrela
Quinta das Herédias
Quinta de São Luiz
Quinta de San Pedro Eagle
Quinta de Santo António
Quinta do Bom Retiro
Quinta do Monte Naughty
Quinta do Panascal
Quinta do Pégo
Thursday's Pebble
residential Satellite

where to Eat
The Cellar Typical Tuners
The Barrel Cellar Typical
The Forge Pizzeria
Quinta dos Magusteiros
The kitten Restaurant
Restaurant Petisqueira
Restaurant Cruise
Restaurant The tack of Te
Restaurant Residential Satellite
Restaurant Retreat Avenue
Steel Restaurant Table D'

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