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Friday, August 19, 2011

Visit the dungeon Keys - Santa Maria Maggiore (Chaves)

The Watchtower Keys, located in the Parish of Santa Maria Maggiore, is a National Monument. The set is marked by the medieval castle, in a dominant position on the city, including rectangular donjon internally and externally, Vauban-style fortifications abaluartadas.
The medieval castle survived only part of the wall and keep. This presents quadrangular with dimensions of 12 m away for about 28 m high, divided internally on the ground floor (tank) and three floors with barrel-vaulted ceiling. In the granite walls ripping some loopholes, and the east elevation, wooden balconies. Merlons crowned by battlements and, at the corners, small semicircular balconies are supported by boulder. The first floor is accessed via a stone stairway at an angle, with guards, also of stone, and door-round arch, with torada frame, surmounted by a royal coat of arms with nineteen castles.

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