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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Visit the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption - Boats

The Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, located in the Town of boats, is a medieval temple architecture, Mannerist and Baroque. Longitudinal plant, consisting of nave, a medieval structure, the chancel and the lower close, Mannerist, and sacristy addorsed the front left side, with different covers interiors, wooden trough in the nave and barrel vault false wooden painted wood panel in the main chapel, sparsely lit by windows and cracks in capialço.
The main facade, in gable, with gaps torn in the shaft, composed of carved portal in round arch imposed based on salient, three archivolts, decorated by motifs, and crack, too perfect round. The facades are topped by a cornice and frieze in the chapel and in dogs and cornice on the ship, attesting to their greater antiquity and different eras of construction, and the side ripped through the back door in pointed arch, with taxes raised and decorated by archivolts vegetal and geometric motifs.
On the front left side stands the bell with three ventanas, upper smaller, cornice and topped with pinnacles.
Inside the nave, is preserved and the choir in two arcosolium pointed arch, which houses the tombs particular, a pulpit square, with its canopy, in Mannerist style, wood with inlays of brass, wicker door access line at side of the Gospel. The triumphal arch, perfect round, the pulley is completely covered in baroque style that extends the national structure of the side altars, plant, and a straight shaft, uncharacteristic of structure, but showing an early Mannerist treatment with ribbed trim at the table, and have been refurbished to adapt to the structure of which involved carving the triumphal arch.
To preserve the internal roof painted with hagiographic theme in the main chapel and the sacristy, the panels having been thrown out of the ship.
The altarpiece of the high altar, in gold leaf, plant, and a hollow shaft, is a fine example of Baroque national database preserving the primitive granite. The soffit of the triumphal arch boasts murals decorative character, and you can see in the Tribune House murals wall that marked the headband. It saves dogs decorated in Romanesque interior of the sacristy, on the wall that abuts the main chapel.
This Church is classified as a National Monument.

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