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Friday, August 19, 2011

Visit the Pelourinho Chaves - Santa Maria Maggiore (Chaves)

Pelourinho Keys, located in the Parish of St. Mary Major, is in revival neomanuelino, rectangular board with four small columns in the corners and added an armillary sphere core reconstructions of the century. XX.
Punch square plan consisting of five steps. This side has six steps, due to the slope of the pavement of the Square. Prismatic plinth with frames and bevel the edges. Fuste torso, consisting of three elements, supporting frames and a capital with a frieze with plant decoration. On one side the arms of the capital of the kingdom, the other the Keys: coat with the arms of Portugal, with a crown of eight castles, flanked by two large keys with palhetões three teeth facing up and toward the center, serving as support , section of bridge consists of four arches. On the corners of the board formed by the four captains stand out twisted small columns, with the central plain and the other a larger bosselated and topped by an armillary sphere.

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