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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Visit the Chapel of St. Mary of Sabroso - Boats

The Chapel of St. Mary of Sabroso, located in the Town of boats, is a temple of Romanesque architecture and XVII Century. It has a single nave and narrower chancel, with coverage in false barrel vault.
The main façade, facing west, is of greater height than the rest, being torn by slightly pointed arch doorway with two archivolts and superiorly by a small crack. He has shot in gable, cut bell surmounted by a cross. The north façade has a rectangular door and shot in cornice. In the body of the chancel, and dog on crack which develops the cornice. The elevation This is blind. In turn, the south elevation is presented in blind body of the craft being torn in the body of the chancel window by capialço, and cornice surmounted by dogs. Along the walls, covers several graves carved with crosses and swords.
The interior boasts the axial pointed arch portal and in the Gospel side, a rectangular door and square pulpit, which has access by stone steps. The front elevation of this second door is blind. The triumphal arch, the pointed arch, is flanked by two altars simple. In addition to other graves, one grave stands out in the transition from centralized to ship the chapel at the entrance of the triumphal arch.
The main chapel has, in the Epistle side, rectangular fenestration. It has wooden polychrome altarpiece of the late sixteenth or early next. The interior covers are false barrel vault killed in wood. Remains are conserved, the main façade, what could have been a porch.

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