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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Visit the Fort St. Neutel - Santa Maria Maggiore (Chaves)

The Fort of São Neutel, located in the Parish of St. Mary Major (Keys).
His works have been initiated in the context of the Restoration War between 1664 and 1668, when it proceeded with the petrification of the Trinity High stakes and construction of the fort.
The strong features quadrangular, organic (adapted to the terrain), with bastions at the corners, in Vauban style, surrounded by a dry moat and a second defensive line.
Access to the fort is made ​​by a solid stone bridge, which connects the outer wall of the gate arms.
The walls of granite, have a meter to a meter and a half thick, with a height ranging from seven to ten meters.
Inside, there is the Chapel of Our Lady of Sprout. It has a single altar with a statue of St. Neutel, lying to the Lady of Brotas (persistence of an ancient pagan cult of Ceres) represented in a painting hung on the sidewall.

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