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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Visit the Garden of Calvary - Tabuaço

The Calvary Garden, located in the Town of Tabuaço, is a real viewpoint on the river landscape Tavora.
The central area of the garden features a rocky outcrop, the five crosses and a lush planting of plant species consisting mainly of cypress-of-Portugal and strawberry. Here is classified recently as belonging to the Iron Age, engravings and inscriptions in the granite outcroppings have long been known. This core is surrounded by hedges shrubs (Ligustrum) cut and is part of a general trait of character biomorphic, with paths of arcs and paths, lawns with flowerbeds defining groups of annuals, some enclosed by hedges pruned bushes (making it difficult to reading the track and change the character of the place) and punctuated by cypress-of-Portugal, well developed.

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