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Thursday, October 27, 2011

visit Candles

Candles is a village on the island of Sao Jorge, Azores, with about 5605 inhabitants.
It is home to a municipality with 119.08 km ² and 5,605 inhabitants, divided into six parishes: Herds, Great Northern, Rosales, Santo Amaro, Urzelina and Candles. The municipality is bounded on the east by the municipality of Calheta, and has the Atlantic Ocean in all other directions.

Small Brief History
The origin of the name of this town has never been clarified by historians.
This village is among the oldest towns in the island of São Jorge. It was built as a result of the will of Prince Henry dated 1460, made a church under the invocation of St. George. The City of Sails was created around 1490, and the elevation of the village to a town will have occurred in 1500, by letter D. Manuel I of Portugal. This town has emerged as a town map of 1507.
On September 19, 1708 a naval squadron, commanded by French pirate René Duguay-Trouin consists of eight ships of the line and three Captains of ships heavy artillery, attacked the village of Velas, having not yet managed to enter the Port of Candles.
The first attack the villagers, led by Sergeant Major Amaro Teixeira de Sousa, can prevent the landing tempted to September 19. On the 20th another attack took place and the inhabitants were unable successfully to oppose this attempt.
The French remained in the town five days in which completely ransacked churches and wealthy homes. In a location overlooking the site where the landing took place, was built the Fort of Our Lady of the Pillar, also known as Castle Eira.

The Visit
Herds in the Parish of:

Pine Peak
Puddle of Simon Days

In the Parish of Rosales:
Fountain of the Seven Fountains
Fountain's Way Up
Fountain Rosales
Rosales of Lighthouse Point
Church of Our Lady of the Rosary
Viewpoint Freitas
Park of the Seven Fountains
Tip of the Rosales

In the Parish of Santo Amaro:
Airport of São Jorge Island
Chapel of Our Lady of Good Time
Chapel of Our Lady of Light
Chapel of Our Lady of Candles
Chapel of St. Vincent Ferrer
Chapel of Christ the King
Church of Santo Amaro
Empire of Santo Amaro

In the Parish of Urzelina:
Chapel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph
Chapel of Our Lady of the Incarnation
Chapel of St. Joseph
Chapel of Our Lord Jesus the Good Death
Fountain Church
Church of St. Matthew
Beach Urzelina

In the Parish of Candles:
Caldeira de Santo Cristo
Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes
Chapel of Our Lady of Mercy
Chapel of Our Lady of Deliverance
Chapel of Santa Ana
Chapel of St. Anthony
Chapel of St. John
Fountain Terreiro da Macela
Chapel of St. Peter
Church of Our Lady of Conception
Empire of Riverside
Viewpoint Canavial

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