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Monday, October 3, 2011

Visit the Chapel of Our Lady of Pleasures - Tavora

The Chapel of Our Lady of Joy, located in the Town of Tavora, presents religious architecture, Baroque and Rococo. Chapel is a longitudinal plan of simple, single space, with even coverage of wood and illuminated by trough cracks in facades torn lateral zone of the high altar. Gable on the main facade, torn by portal flanked by arched windows down prostrate. Facades with wedges apilastrados signed by pyramidal pinnacles and finials on frieze and cornice. Altarpiece carved polychrome and gilded rococo.
It has trim in pyramidal pinnacles bulbous, with very narrow fenestrations, resulting in poor indoor lighting. Rococo altarpiece as a transition to the neoclassical, visible in the type of foliage and little relief from the vegetal elements.

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