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Friday, July 27, 2018

Visit the mountain bike course of the Municipality of Bragança

The mountain bike route of the Municipality of Bragança begins in the city of Bragança, in the historical center, next to the Castle. From where you can see the Serra de Montesinho, where it follows the percuros. The entrance to the Natural Park is soon in Gimonde at 6km.
In Quintanilha is the Apples River, bordered by Spain. This is an area full of old water mills and water mills. Continuing along the route to the north, one arrives at the village of Rio de Onor, one of the last transmontanese community villages. In this border village, goods are still shared within the community, such as the community oven, cattle or even land. The crossing of the River Onor is through a Roman Bridge, after which it continues south towards the villages of Varge and Aveleda. Again next to the border, we can see what remains of the Mineiro de Portelo Complex, now inactive. A few kilometers later you come to the village of Montesinho.
Subsequently, it goes to the Serra Serrada dam, one of the highest points of the course, circling the 1300 meter altitude.
Further south, in the village of Portela you can visit the Interpretive Center of Nature and get to know the fauna and flora of the region better. In the next 28 km you descend almost 1000 meters of unevenness, but in the next 26 km you will climb them again, arriving at the Sanctuary of Mrs. da Serra in the middle of Serra da Nogueira. This will probably be the most demanding part of the route, but the view is well worth it.
You reach Izeda, the southernmost point of the route. On leaving this village you will pass a remarkable olive grove, in the direction of Coelhoso, where you can contemplate another Mining Complex: Minas de Ribeira, with particular interest in the bridge that was used by the miners to reach Outeiro. After passing through Grijó de Parada, Freixedelo and Alfaião, one arrives again at Bragança, with about 255 km elapsed.

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