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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Visit the Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe - São Victor (Braga)

The Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe, located in the parish of St. Victor, on the hill of Santa Margarida, was a temple of invocation to St. Margaret, but at the beginning of the eighteenth century, it was completely replaced by another, ordered by the brotherhood of Our Lady of Guadalupe in 1719. What most distinguishes the chapel of Guadalupe, in addition to its privileged location, which stands at the top of a small elevation is its unusual architecture. Despite the centralized plant, like many other churches in Braga, its circular shape is unique in the city. This building denotes mastery both in the curvilinear forms of its exterior, as in the simplicity of the interior and in the execution of the main altarpiece designed in rococo style. The chapel of Guadalupe presents a centered plan, with main chapel and two lateral ones.

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