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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Visit the Funicular of the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus - Tenões (Braga)

Bom Jesus Funicular is located in Bom Jesus do Monte Sanctuary, in the parish of Tenões, connects the upper part of the city to the Sanctuary, overcoming a drop of more than one hundred meters in height, and follows a path parallel to that of the Staircase of the Good Jesus.
It was the first funicular railway built in the Iberian Peninsula, and is currently the oldest in service in the world using the water balance system.
It was built to replace the Braga line of Americans, which originally extended to the sanctuary and had to have its horse-traction supplemented by steers on the steep ascent on days of greater affluence.
It operates on a ramp, consisting of two independent cabins, connected to each other by a funicular system with water balance. Each cabin has a tank, which is full of water when at the upper level, and emptied when at the bottom. The weight difference thus obtained allows the movement. The amount of water is calculated according to the number of passengers in the cabins, with each trip.
It was inaugurated the 25 of March of 1882.

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