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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Visit the Arco da Porta Nova - Sé (Braga)

Arco da Porta Nova, located in the parish of Sé, is probably one of the most iconic buildings in the city.
It was commissioned in 1512 by Archbishop D. Diogo de Sousa. Arco da Porta Nova was also the first door, out of a total of 8 existing in the city of Braga, which did not lead to any path. At that time, all other doors led to paths already created in the time of the Romans. The Porta Nova Arch led to a square with a fountain, where we could find a fish market.
The face facing the center of the city contains the figure of Our Lady of Nazareth, already present in the first version of the Arch of Porta Nova, and only one pillar on each side, in an approximation of the baroque influence, in agreement with all the work of André Soares.
The opposite side, facing the (old) exterior of the city, contains the arms of faith of Archbishop D. Gastar and, at the top, the allegorical statue of the city of Braga.

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