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Monday, August 1, 2011

Visit the Castro Curalha

The Castro Curalha, located in the parish of the same name, and that lies about 1km from the village center, is located in a rocky hill, 400 meters above sea level. It has an oval configuration, with its major axis oriented in the EW direction internally and measuring 93.50 m. The maximum width is 61.40 m and the perimeter is approximately 240m.
The fort was protected by walls, of which three are known, with its three doors and access ramps. The width of the walls varies between 3.30 m and 4.25 m.
Within the old town castrense, there are still foundations of houses in a square of them rebuilt, and some stones stuck, who served in defense strategies.
It is likely that the period of occupation of Curalha Castro has been extended from the eighth or seventh centuries BC until the second or third century AD

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