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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Visit the Bridge of St. John - Oliveira do Douro (Vila Nova de Gaia)

The Bridge of San Juan is a rail infrastructure over the Douro River that connects the Town of Oliveira do Douro (Vila Nova de Gaia) in Porto.
This bridge is in multiple gantry solid, vertical pillars, with three spans, two sides of 125 meters and a central, 250 meters long, supported on two pillars in the river bed. It consists of one continuous piece, large, built of reinforced concrete and prestressed.
The main bridge has a superstructure formed by a beam-coffin of trapezoidal section, bicellular, with a height ranging up to 14 meters, in the sections on the pillars of the river, with 7 meters in the middle of the central span, both pathways railways are based directly on the slab above the beam-coffin.

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