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Monday, June 27, 2011

Visit the Castelo de Bode Dam - San Pedro de Tomar

The dam of Castelo de Bode is one of the most important Portuguese dams located on the outskirts of the Parish of St. Peter's Take on the Municipality of Abrantes, in Rio Zêzere
The dam of Castelo de Bode is used for water supply, such as Lisbon, power generation, defense against the full and active recreation. It is used by supporters of sports such as windsurfing, sailing, rowing, power boating and jet skiing and sport fishing (trout, bass, eels and crayfish red).
The construction of the dam began in 1945 and was given for the termination in 1951.
The dam is a concrete gravity, but with curvature. The maximum height above foundation is 115 meters.
The reservoir is located in an area of ​​average annual rainfall of 1200 mm. The full annual average flow is 2.352 billion cubic meters.

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