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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Visit the Aqueduct of Pegões - Carregueira

The Aqueduct of Pegões, located in the Town of Carregueira on the Vale da Ribeira de Pegões, is one of the largest and most impressive aqueducts Portuguese.
It was built at the end of the century. And early sixteenth century. XVII, at the behest of Philip II, to supply water to the Convent of Christ.
The Aqueduct of Pegões has a total length of about 5 to 6 km and larger section reaches a maximum height of 30 meters. Here the building is composed of two rows of arches, and the round top and low-arched. Originally the aqueduct was supplied by three mothers waterline.
The aqueduct can be explored on foot along its top, as there is a platform that comes with gutter water. This course is a unique experience, since the other aqueducts Portuguese can not be crossed freely.

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