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Friday, June 17, 2011

Visit Tomar

Tomar is home to a city with 351.2 km ² and 41,951 inhabitants (2008), subdivided into 16 parishes. The municipality is bordered to the north by the Municipality of Ferreira do Zêzere, east by Abrantes, south of Vila Nova da Barquinha by Torres to the west and northwest as New Ourém.
The city is crossed by the River Nabão, which is a tributary of the River Zêzere, being included in the basin of the Tagus, the longest river in the Iberian Peninsula.
It is situated in the northern part of the most fertile region of Portugal and one of the most fertile of the Iberian Peninsula, the marshy land.
The parishes of Tomar are as follows: In addition to Riverside, Alviobeira, Asseiceira Beselga, Carregueira, Couples, Junceira Magdalene, Olalhas, Paialvo, Quarry, Sabacheira, groves of Santa Maria, San Juan Bautista, San Pedro de Tomar, Sierra
Tomar is known for the Feast of trays runs every four years.

Short Historical Review
With more than 30,000 years of human settlement in this territory, was founded by D. Taking Gualdim Fathers in 1160.
Headquarters of the Order of the Temple and of Christ, the Prince had Henry one of those responsible for its growth.
Successive prehistoric civilization marks left utensils, caves, dolmens, villages, some tombstones, coins, a few sculptures, utilitarian pieces, the legend of Santa Iria, the toponymy, the wheels and irrigation dams piling.
The Romans founded the city of Sellium whose orthogonal plan stems from the characteristic perpendicular axes and decumanus Cardus.
By the mid-seventh century, here there were convents of nuns and friars, dating from that time the episode Visigoth and the legendary martyrdom of Santa Iria.
Thomas was born in the castle (March 1, 1160), whose construction, by the Knights Templar, as well as the village of Down, lasted 44 years.
In the fourteenth century, with the permanence of Prince Henry as Administrator of the Order of Christ, the village enjoys great development, and urbanized area of the Meadow in Little bold orthogonal organization, running parallel to and perpendicular to the river Corredoura. D. Manuel I grants new charter in 1510, and in this century, architects and painters Domingos Vieira Serrão, João de Castilho, Olivier de Gand, Fernando Muñoz, Diogo de Arruda, Gregory Lopes, Jean de Rouen and Diogo Torralva Take become an important center art.
In the period of domination from the Philippines, the Spanish kings invest in Tomar: Main works of the Cloister of the Convent of Pegões and Aqueduct, as well as the creation of the still existing Feira de Santa Iria.
Among the mid-seventeenth century and the late nineteenth century, there is great industrial development: Candy Factory Prado, glass Matrena, Ties, Wiring and various fabrics and paper mills.
In 1983, UNESCO recognized the whole Templar Castle-Convent of Christ in a World Heritage Site and early '90s gave the first steps to recovery and consolidation of the Historic Center. In the twenty-first century, Taking care of some cultural institutions born in the nineteenth century, cases of the bands Gualdim Parents, and Nabantina Payalvense. In the twenty-first century, the reopening of the Paradise Theatre, Museum of Contemporary Art and a large water sports complex, reinforces the social and cultural vocation of Tomar.
The plan of the medieval city is organized in a cross with four arms pointing to the four cardinal points marked by four convents of the city. The center, which are located at City Hall and the Church, is the Republic Square, which radiate from the main public and religious buildings: the south, the Synagogue, the old Mercy Hospital, the Convent of S. Francisco Vila of Rossio and the old, the north, the seat of the Municipal Assembly, the chapels of S. Gregory and the Lady of Mercy and the former Convent of the Annunciation, the west, the Castle Hill, the Chapel of Our Lady of Conception and the Convent of Christ in the east, the bridge, the old mills and mills of the village, the Convento de Santa Iria , the output for the Church of Saint Mary of Olives and the city school district, with the Polytechnic Institute to shoot. Pursuing this symbolic geometry, it is interesting to note that, centered in the church of Manuel I, Republic Square, the circle is generated that links the Rotunda of the Convent (Templar chapel) to the Convent of Annunciation, Santa Iria and S. Francisco. Here, then, the circle, what sacred space! Within which it developed Tomar.

The Visit

LinkIn County:
Rio Nabão
Rio Zêzere

In addition to the Parish of Ribeira:
Chapel of Póvoa
Chapel of Our Lady of Light
Roman Bridge
Ribeira da Povoa

In the Parish of Alviobeira:
Chapel Waxes
Chapel Chão das Eiras

In the Parish of Beselga:
Chapel of Santa Ana
Cruise Carregueira

In the Parish of Carregueira:
Aqueduct Pegões

In the Parish of Junceira:
Dam Carril
Roman Bridge

In Magdalene's Parish:
Chapel Gallegos
Church of St. Sebastian

In the Parish of Olalhas:
LinkChapel Olalhas
Source of Cepos
Church Alqueidão
Church Olalhas

In the Parish of Paialvo:
Source Carrazeda
Church Carrazedo

Quarry in the Parish of:
Chapel of St. Simon
Convento da Quinta da Granja
Pomegranate Power
Source of St. Simon
Church of Our Lady of the Snows
Old well
Parents Nunes Ribeiro da Fonte

In the Parish of St. Mary of the groves:
LinkLinkLinkAerodrome ValdonasLinkArc Nuns
Convento de Santa Iria Tomar
Church Carvalheiro
Church of St. Mary of the groves
Church of Santa Marta
Bridge of archers
Bullring José Salvador

In the Parish of St. John the Baptist:
St. Lawrence Chapel
Tomar Castle
Convent of Christ
Statue of King Parents Gualpim
Church of Our Lady of Conception
Castle Garden
Wheel Mouchão

In the Parish of San Pedro de Tomar:
Castelo de Bode Dam
Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes
Cruise Santa Cita
Church of Our Lady of Conception
Bullring Quinta do Falcão

In the Town of Mountain:
Chapel levegő
Chapel of Our Lady of Conception
Capela de Santa Luzia
Chapel of St. Andrew
Chapel of St. Bartholomew
Source of San Antonio
Source of Vila Nova
Church of Our Lady of the A
Ilha do Lombo
Jardim do Adro
Vila Romana

Restaurants Where to Eat:
Cafeteria of the Convent of Christ
Ad'hoc Brewery
Beira Rio
Bela Vista
pants Perra
Matreno House / House of Rats
Grandma's Cottage Bia
cloister Brewery
Confraternity of the Snack
Stadium - Restaurant and Pizzeria
Estalagem de Santa Iria
La Bella - Italian Ristorante & Lounge
Lusitania Brewery
Pica-Pau Amarelo
Green parsley
Mr. Kilo
Cave of Irene
Mermaid Seafood Restaurant Nabão
Central Ash
Elias Chico
Food of the Templars
Mister Grill
Hawk's Nest
S. Ports Peter
Quinta da Gracinda
S. Lawrence
Tomarense of Commendation

Where to Stay:
Templar Hotel
Estalagem de Santa Iria
Hotel Knights of Christ
Synagogue hotel
Trovador Hotel - Gym and Spa
Residencial Kamanga
Pension Restaurant Luanda
Union Pension residential
Pension Residencial Bonjardim
Pension Residencial Luz
Pension "Falcon's Nest"
Residencial Santa Cita
House Nights D. Gualdim
Quinta da Velha Announced
Quinta do Valle
Grandmother's House Genoveva
Quinta do Troviscal
Quinta de Sao Jose dos Montes
Casa de Sao Miguel
Camping Municipal de Tomar
Camping Pelin
Camping Redondo

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