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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Visit Caramulo Mountain - Oliveira de Frades

The Caramulo Mountain is located between the municipalities of Vouzela, Tondela, Oliveira de Frades, Mortágua (in the district of Viseu) and Anadia Aveiro and (in the district of Aveiro) is a mountain area of origin granite and schist. The heather and gorse dominate its flora. The mountain is populated by villages with houses and granaries granite typical of this region. This area has been populated by Romans, one can still find some vestiges of that era, as the tracks of rock.
You can enjoy the beauty of green fields and trees near the streams of clear water that crosses all around and enjoy the stunning scenery while breathing air actually a pure and healthy. You can climb to Caramulinho, the highest point of 1076.57 meters in the Sierra, which overlooks the sea and the Serra da Estrela in non-cloudy days.
The Caramulo is almost a secret place, but charming, a mixture of images and contrasts between ridges and valleys, where the air is combined with the breathtaking view.
The landscape of the Serra do Caramulo is a monument to nature and fresh air that we breathe here invites exploration of every corner, however they are hidden. It is a place full of surprises, breathtaking views and exciting challenges.
To enjoy all this natural beauty can do some walking trails, of which the course of Caramulinho ("Gutters") with a distance of 8.2 km and an average time of 4 hours, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, villages and typical wind farm.

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