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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Visit the Statue of Bento Jesus Caraça - Saint Bartholomew (Évora)

The Statue of Bento de Jesus Caraça is a tribute to the Portuguese mathematician, tough anti-fascist and Communist Party stalwart Portuguese born in Vila Viçosa to April 18, 1901 who died in Lisbon on June 25, 1948.
Bento Jesus Caraça graduated in 1923, the Institute of Economics and Finance (now ISEG).
In 1936 he founded the Center for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry along with other recent doctorates in mathematics and physics.
In 1938, with teachers and Beirão Mira Fernandes da Veiga, founded the Center for Studies in Applied Mathematics to Economics, which he headed until October 1946, the year of its termination by the Government.
In 1940, with professors António Monteiro, Hugo Ribeiro, Jose Manuel da Silva and Paulo Zaluar created the Mathematical Gazette
In 1941 creates the "Biblioteca Cosmos, editing books, scientific and cultural, which published 114 books, with a circulation of 793,500 copies overall.
In 1946 he was arrested by the PIDE, and in October of that year, resigned the post of professor at the Technical University of Lisbon.
Also involved in technical journals, Mathematical Gazette, Seara Nova, Apex and Economy Magazine.
In 1943 he became president of the Portuguese Society of Mathematics.

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