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Friday, November 19, 2010

Visit the Ducal Palace of Vila Viçosa - Our Lady of Conception

The Ducal Palace of Vila Viçosa, located in the Parish of Our Lady of Conception, is an important monument situated in the Palace Square of the Alentejo town of the district of Evora. Was for centuries the seat of the most serene house of Braganza, an important noble family founded in the fifteenth century, which became the ruling house in Portugal, while on December 1, 1640 the 8th Duke of Braganza was proclaimed King of Portugal (João IV).
The work, led by Jaime, started in 1501 and this time the cloister and the chapel area and the existing rooms of the Armory.
The 5th Duke, D., Theodosius I named Constable of the kingdom, sent in 1535 to expand the Palace for the lavish feasts of the royal marriage in 1537, the Duke built the imposing facade of the palace, clad in marble, Italian style, which today we can admire.
The Palace has a large collection of works of art (paintings, furniture, sculpture, etc. ..), and particularly the noble halls of the first floor, examples of which are the rooms of the Medusa, the Dukes (with pictures of all the dukes up the eighteenth century) on the ceiling) and Hercules, many of them ennobled with beautiful fireplaces of carved marble. Remain particularly vivid in the memory palace of the last two reigns (the result of special predilection that he had the sovereign), as can be seen in the royal chambers and countless examples of the artistic work of King Carlos (watercolor and pastel). The kitchen has one of the largest collections of batteries, kitchen copper. Also important to highlight the Library (with copies very precious) and the armory. The former stables is installed one section of the National Coach Museum, where among other coaches, you can admire the landau carrying the Royal Family on the regicide.

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