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Friday, November 19, 2010

Visit the Museum of Marble - Nossa Senhora da Conceição (Vila Viçosa)

The Marble Museum, located in the Parish of Our Lady of Conception, is housed in the station's railways, railway, a building dating from 1904. Building secular highlight the beautiful tile panels that evoke landscapes and corners of urban Alentejo Vila Viçosa, providing a unique beauty to the building.
The Marble Museum offers visitors valuable information about past and present of an activity dating back to Roman times. The extraction processing of marble, through the presentation of objects and tools used.
The visit starts in Ruivina room, a space where different elements are presented related to natural stone. There, through various information panels, visitors will learn the entire process of formation of the rock.
There are also various objects and tools used in quarries and processing units, which offer the possibility of meeting spot, the technological evolution that has marked activity over time (White Room).
In another phase of the visit are revealed as samples of the marble polished and ready for marketing as well as different parts worked by skilled hands of men. The art of sculpting stone also talk when referring to works of art created in the Sculpture Symposium held in Vila Viçosa, exposed on the outside of the museum.
In the final phase of this journey, the visitor is invited to watch the video "Vila Viçosa ... town of Marble, "produced by the Department of Geosciences, University of Evora. A job that allows you to consolidate the knowledge acquired throughout the visit and that tells multiple aspects of local culture.

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