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Friday, August 20, 2010

Visit Typical Village of New Castle

The Village of New Castle, seat of the Town, owned by the Municipality of Fundão is a typical village of Portugal.
The archaeological remains suggest a known human habitation probably since the Chalcolithic, is projecting a growth of testimonials that relate to the ages of bronze and iron and are accentuated with the Roman settlement. The toponym New Castle, replacing the previous one, is cited for the first time in the year 1208, in which "the land they call New Castle" is donated to the Templars.
Believed to have been an old castle (there or on the website of the same name at the top of the peak Gardunha), and between 1205 and 1208 if it was built a new one. The current castle has been sent to recover by D. Manuel I.
New Castle County that has been, was composed by the parishes of Lardosa, New Castle, Orca, Póvoa da Atalaia, Sunny and Zebras.

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