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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Visit the Church of Santa Maria - Ladies

The Church of Santa Maria, located in the Town of Donas, was built in the eighteenth century.
Elevations has plastered and painted white, framed in basement corners apilastrados quite prominent cornice and exposed granite, which presents front gable form a triangular pediment.
The portal of the church, arched, is surmounted by elegant curved pediment interrupted, slightly above which, in the tympanum of the gable, opens a door quadrilobado. The flank of the right side is torn by a door with arched pediment similar to the main entrance, and two arched windows. Vertical lines in the corners of the pyramidal pinnacles rise up with the ball. To the left of the temple body, slightly distant, rises the bell tower, of three separate records by prominent cornices, and the less open a door and an arched door quadrilobado the middle of a very low height and blind, and more torn on all four sides, by ventanas of bells. The crowning is done by pinnacles at the corners and pyramidal spire scaled the center.

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