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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Visit the Old Castro da Covilhã - Swarms

The Castro da Covilhã Velha, located in the hills of Cottages or the swarms of little crosses in the parish, has this curious name because it is relatively distant from the present town of Covilhã
It lies about 695 m in altitude between pine trees and rocks and hence can be seen in the distance to the historic village of Monsanto
The enclosure was surrounded by double walls and irregular oval of track which there are still some walls of stone masonry and irregular or several heaps of stones. Within the walls there are no buildings defined.
This fort has been the city of Lusitanian Cingínia (ie by hanofonia with place names or Cruzinha Cottages) which was mentioned by Valerius Maximus and will have been destroyed somewhere between 138 or 136 BC by the Roman troops commanded by Decimus Junius Brutus and the time of Julius Caesar. In the Middle Ages, the fort has been fortified and repopulated being exploited existing buildings.

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