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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Visit the Lake of the Park of São João da Ponte - São Lázaro (Braga)

The Lake of the Park of St. John of the Bridge, located in the Parish of St. Lazarus, is in the center of this park which is divided into four parts, the outside, the inner part, the Sport Bridge Complex and the Bridge Camping Park. The park is limited to the North by the East River and the Avenue Dr Francisco Pires Gonçalves, to the East and South by the Mount of Picoto and the Avenue of the Stadium, to the West by the Park of Exhibitions of Braga and East River.
The Park was born out of the expropriation in 1911 of Quinta da Mitra, the former palace of the archbishops of Braga.
The outer part of the park, the oldest one, grew around the Chapel of St. John. It is a wooded area with gardens and lakes, has a bandstand, a cruise, a children's park, an open-air auditorium and a monument evocative to 25 April, which celebrates freedom and democracy.
In times past, when the water of the East River was clear, the women of Braga washed their clothes on the bank of the river, where they later extended them on the slope of Mount Picoto.
The interior part is an extension of the exterior, however it is divided from the outside by a railing coming from the old Public Garden that existed in the Central Avenue. This part is characterized by a greater density in vegetation and a large artificial lake.
The old greenhouse, located in this part, was restored and transformed to headquarters of the Municipal Video Library of Braga.

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